IRC #olimex 2023-01-22

[19:12:58] <kreyren> damned systemd is ruining my life on teres-1 it keeps breaking the hugging init AaaaAAaaaaaaa
[19:18:05] <mps> systemd was main reason I switched from debain after 20 years to alpine
[19:18:21] <mps> debian*
[19:59:04] <kreyren> i couldn't get your alpine to work xD
[20:01:17] <mps> hm
[20:01:34] <mps> I can upload boot image
[20:01:38] <kreyren> plz gib
[20:01:55] <kreyren> ACTION is updating the docs to show where is he stuck at
[20:03:11] <kreyren> # chroot $TMPDIR grub-install --target=arm64-efi --efi-directory=/boot/efi
[20:03:11] <kreyren> Installing for arm64-efi platform.
[20:03:11] <kreyren> grub-install: error: disk `hostdisk//dev/dm-0' not found
[20:03:20] <kreyren> doing that from docker
[20:03:20] <mps> I have to find it first, it is somewhere on off-line backup disk
[20:04:04] <mps> hm, install from docker sounds as call for problems
[20:07:06] <kreyren> mps, see
[20:07:18] <kreyren> mps, how else to process that since it depends on apk @_@
[20:07:49] <kreyren> also tried devuan's mini-installer and that doesn't seem to be able to connect to the wifi
[20:07:56] <kreyren> i knew i should get the ethernet mod too! >_<
[20:08:22] <diego71> usb-ethernet converter are handy for this kind of things
[20:08:35] <kreyren> i got the USD-wifi xD
[20:08:38] <kreyren> *USB
[20:08:47] <kreyren> RTL8188ETV
[20:08:57] <mps> kreyren: on which OS you run this
[20:09:04] <mps> and which arch
[20:09:23] <kreyren> no idea.. it just has busybox
[20:09:30] <kreyren> and runs simple thing on it
[20:09:56] <kreyren>
[20:10:03] <kreyren> oh is the RTL8188ETV not libre? :C
[20:10:05] <mps> hm, you don't know on which OS you are creating bootable disk?
[20:10:58] <kreyren> nah.. devuan just told me to zcat two things on sdcard
[20:11:08] <kreyren> oh it's supposed to install devuan though
[20:11:59] <mps> which arch
[20:12:49] <kreyren> the teres-1 has arm64 afaik
[20:13:01] <mps> yes
[20:13:22] <mps> called aarch64 usually
[20:13:25] <kreyren> yep
[20:13:39] <kreyren> > delivery of USB-GIGABIT from olimex to czechia - ~30 EUR
[20:13:40] <kreyren> @_@
[20:14:11] <mps> this is target arch, but what is arch you creating boot disk on
[20:14:25] <kreyren> eh?
[20:14:25] <kreyren> oh
[20:14:41] <kreyren> my system is x86_64, but it has a transparent QEMU thing that can do aarch64
[20:14:44] <kreyren> and other things
[20:14:45] <kreyren> bcs guix
[20:14:56] <mps> aha
[20:15:33] <mps> if you prepared it to run arm64 with qemu-user and binfmt then it is ok
[20:15:59] <kreyren> i didn't i just flashed a thing i downloaded from devuan on sdcard
[20:16:20] <mps> did you downloaded apk-tool-static
[20:16:40] <kreyren> nope O.o
[20:16:45] <kreyren> dunno where i would get that
[20:16:57] <kreyren> ACTION also kinda wanted to not use efi
[20:17:08] <mps> read carrefuly
[20:17:20] <kreyren> doesn't have OLIMEX USB-GIGABIT MOD :C
[20:17:46] <mps> and replace command 'apk' with 'apk.static' in script
[20:18:01] <kreyren> O.o
[20:18:13] <kreyren> Tsvetan, can't you like get as distributor too? @_@
[20:18:13] <mps> i.e. path where this binary is located
[20:18:17] <kreyren> chcking
[20:19:39] <kreyren> there ain't no apk-tool-static though
[20:19:41] <kreyren> mps, ^
[20:20:09] <kreyren> apk-tools-statis-2.12.11-r0.apk?
[20:20:32] <mps>
[20:21:03] <kreyren> yep yep
[20:21:05] <kreyren> ehhh
[20:21:07] <kreyren> umm
[20:21:55] <mps> here is script for olinuxino A64 board
[20:22:13] <mps> this one is without grub
[20:22:28] <mps> but must be adjusted for teres
[20:22:28] <kreyren> o.o
[20:22:34] <kreyren> ACTION is going to adjust those them
[20:22:51] <kreyren> mps, can you put that on permanent paste so that i can reference it in the script header
[20:23:22] <mps> btw, I found that latest stable kernel 6.1.7 is slow on teres, didn't investigated why
[20:23:50] <mps> I'll do update later, need some free time to test it more
[20:23:57] <kreyren> oke
[20:24:58] <kreyren> mps, why are you using FAT32 over FAT16?
[20:25:17] <mps> I told you few days ago
[20:25:24] <kreyren> oh
[20:25:28] <kreyren> i didn't realize that it's relevant
[20:25:50] <mps> fat16 could work but I found fat32 more stable
[20:26:13] <mps> but for u-boot only you don't need any fat
[20:26:17] <kreyren> ACTION pressed wrong button by mistake
[20:26:25] <kreyren> mps18> but for u-boot only you don't need any fat
[20:26:28] <kreyren> i missed the message above this
[20:26:39] <mps> fat16 could work but I found fat32 more stable
[20:26:56] <kreyren> oke
[20:27:06] <kreyren> ACTION though that it's UEFI-specific thing
[20:27:14] <mps> is that channel archived somewhere?
[20:27:52] <kreyren> not to my knowledge
[20:27:59] <kreyren> and i am too lazy to fix my matrix bridge
[20:27:59] <kreyren> xD
[20:28:41] <kreyren> umm can you looptup an .img file with partition on it for chroot to do the grub setup?
[20:29:02] <mps> later this night I will try to make teres boot image with u-boot only
[20:29:55] <mps> now have some work to do
[20:30:48] <kreyren> # dd if="$TMPDIR"/usr/share/u-boot/a64-olinuxino-emmc/u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin of=$DISK bs=8k seek=1
[20:30:50] <kreyren> what is this?
[20:31:15] <kreyren> mps, i think i should be able to make the script work with the apk.static though
[20:31:53] <mps> no, replace a64-olinuxino-emmc with teres-i
[20:32:09] <mps> teres_i
[20:32:26] <kreyren> wa
[20:38:32] <kreyren> the u-boot is `teres-i` afaik
[20:43:21] <mps> apk pkg is u-boot-sunxi, there are different sunxi boards
[20:43:35] <mps> teres_i is one of them
[20:48:27] <kreyren> ACTION /dev/zero-ed his SSD by mistake instead of the img file and had to wait for guix to build a new system @_@
[20:53:11] <kreyren> ACTION made the same mistake again
[21:19:49] <kreyren> mps, is there a way to make extlinux.conf to accept partition labels for BOOTPART and ROOTPART?
[21:20:03] <kreyren> ACTION is making that as an img file and mps's script is using UUIDs
[21:20:50] <mps> depends
[21:21:03] <mps> if you initramfs then UUID works
[21:21:22] <mps> if not you could try with PARTUUID
[21:21:29] <kreyren> o.o
[21:22:01] <kreyren> if i follow steps from your olinuxino-a64 script? xd
[21:22:30] <kreyren> i want it to look for BOOT and rootfs partition labels so that it can be put on .img file for flashing on scrads
[21:22:34] <kreyren> *sdcards
[21:23:36] <kreyren> or like how should it make it work this way
[21:23:37] <kreyren> @_@
[21:23:40] <mps> hm, I've found where I make mistake with partitioning
[21:24:00] <kreyren> o.o
[21:24:05] <mps> not sure if LABEL works from extlinux.conf
[21:24:15] <kreyren>
[21:24:19] <kreyren> seems to be a different thing?
[21:27:12] <kreyren> umm
[21:27:17] <kreyren> ACTION is going to put that directly on the sdcard then
[21:27:45] <mps> I think LABEL could work
[21:27:52] <kreyren> how O.o
[21:28:02] <kreyren> the script that you have already sets label for sunxi though
[21:44:31] <kreyren> ACTION configured it according to the script and is booting it now
[21:44:48] <kreyren> :O
[21:44:59] <kreyren> it worksssssss
[21:50:19] <mps> kreyren: what works
[21:50:31] <kreyren> mps, the alpine thing
[21:50:42] <mps> ah, nice
[21:50:43] <kreyren> i have 4 tuxes on the screen with login and telling me to do setup-alpine
[21:50:50] <kreyren> how do you connect to wifi on alpine
[21:50:50] <kreyren> @_@
[21:51:03] <mps> with iwd
[21:51:13] <kreyren> not found
[21:51:16] <kreyren> O.o
[21:51:34] <kreyren> oh
[21:51:39] <kreyren> i wrote iw instead of iwd
[21:51:41] <kreyren> heh
[21:52:25] <mps> iwd is a daemon
[21:52:37] <kreyren> oh
[21:52:39] <kreyren> i have it installed
[21:52:40] <kreyren> ehh
[21:52:41] <kreyren> wa
[21:52:46] <kreyren> so like umm iw?
[21:53:30] <mps> no
[21:53:34] <mps>
[21:53:47] <mps> read this to get idea
[21:55:33] <kreyren> what a mindfuckkkkk >_<
[21:57:31] <kreyren> > iwctl ap wlan start ssid passphrase
[21:57:37] <kreyren> that should probably be wlan0 here
[21:58:08] <mps> yes
[21:58:15] <mps> depends on dev name
[21:58:30] <mps> for me it usually mlan0
[21:59:12] <kreyren> u r missing the 0 there :p
[22:01:44] <kreyren> hmm it says in iwctl station wlan0 show that i am connected to the WiFi, but i can't ping nothing
[22:01:45] <kreyren> O.o
[22:01:53] <mps> well, it is irrelevant. I wrote this for experienced users
[22:02:54] <kreyren> and i have it set in a station mode
[22:03:01] <mps> you need 'NameResolvingService=resolvconf' in /etc/iwd/main.conf under [Network]
[22:03:20] <kreyren> though i am stupid and set an AP point with SSID and PW same as my local AP before realizing what i am doing xD i disabled that ap mode though
[22:03:39] <mps> or you can set net parameters manually if you don't have proper dhcp server
[22:03:52] <kreyren> hmm i can't ping like ip addressed though
[22:04:41] <kreyren> ping is 404
[22:05:22] <bill-auger> thats not possible - 404 is a HTTP code - ping does not use HTTP
[22:05:39] <kreyren> bill-auger, 404 as in sms lang meaning it doesn't connect not in HTTP code
[22:05:58] <bill-auger> ok - then SMS lang is ignorant :)
[22:06:05] <kreyren> ;-;
[22:06:54] <mps> kreyren: iwd have fine guide on their site or Arch Linux wiki
[22:07:12] <kreyren> mps, it says it's connected though
[22:07:40] <mps> rest is on DHCP
[22:07:53] <mps> or set manually
[22:07:55] <kreyren> it should work on IP addresses without DHCP no?
[22:12:35] <mps> yes, if set manually
[22:13:02] <kreyren> manually? @_@
[22:13:54] <kreyren> resolvconf is already set btw
[22:15:23] <mps> read docs about iwd
[22:15:26] <kreyren> > State: connected
[22:15:47] <mps> hint: EnableNetworkConfiguration=True
[22:15:48] <kreyren> > No IP Address ... Is DHCP Client configured?
[22:15:49] <kreyren> ohh
[22:16:12] <mps> iwd have dhcp client inside
[22:16:14] <kreyren> mps, it's already true!
[22:17:44] <mps> if it is connected then it is network problem, and I can't know what in your network
[22:21:28] <kreyren> oh the file is enabled but it prints in iwctl as disabled for the networkconfigurationenable
[22:23:10] <kreyren> i enable it in /etc/iwd/main.conf and it disables it
[22:23:11] <kreyren> aAaaaaAAAa
[22:24:04] <kreyren> oh
[22:24:14] <kreyren> i didn't uncomment the [general] and [network]
[22:24:15] <kreyren> xD
[22:24:24] <kreyren> works now
[22:24:41] <kreyren> Instruction unclear!
[22:24:46] <kreyren> ACTION grins
[22:26:52] <kreyren> ... the setup-alpine has thing that asks you to connect to the network -..-
[22:29:12] <mps> kreyren: don't run setup-alpine, it will not work on hardware like teres
[22:30:19] <kreyren> I JUST FINISHED RUNNING IT
[22:30:20] <kreyren> Aaaaaaaaaa
[22:34:45] <kreyren> seems that it hugged up my network
[22:34:45] <kreyren> ;-;
[22:40:23] <kreyren> just says operation failed when i try to connect to anything =..=
[22:40:29] <kreyren> guess i am reflashing it
[23:02:10] <kreyren> mps, seems to work now thanks for help and stuff^-^ <3
[23:03:39] <mps> nice
[23:04:14] <mps> you can join #alpine-linux on OFTC for further help about alpine
[23:12:41] <kreyren> just notice that i got this email xD
[23:13:38] <kreyren> *noticed