IRC #olimex 2023-01-19

[10:21:43] <kreyren> Tsvetan, Why don't olinixino boards have a swappable eMMC without soldering?
[10:29:41] <Tsvetan> there is new version which have, but our customers are mostly industrial and they do not want connectors, and we already have too many variants which make production and logistics nightmare
[10:30:26] <kreyren> hmmm O.o
[10:30:45] <Tsvetan> there is no difference if SD-card would be used or EMMC on connector, they bring the same problem where dust, moisture, vibration is present
[10:31:00] <kreyren> ACTION wonders if some small socket board could be made to be added on top of the Rev.E 
[10:31:14] <Tsvetan> so eMMC soldered on board is something many industrial customers wouold not want to change
[10:31:47] <kreyren> i see O.o
[10:31:52] <Tsvetan> when you say olinuxino you should note these are dozen of boards with this name
[10:32:04] <kreyren> i know
[10:32:11] <kreyren> ACTION was looking at his A64 board mostly
[10:37:03] <mps> most if not all chromebooks also have soldered emmc
[10:37:51] <mps> apple silicon (m1) have nvme soldered also
[10:38:50] <mps> imagine, you can't change 1TB disk if it is broken
[10:39:16] <mps> modern time ;p
[10:40:49] <kreyren> ACTION grins
[10:44:52] <kreyren> mps, ye
[11:12:40] <kreyren> The overpriced 32GB SDcard from pine64 is continueing to ruin my life by corrupting official image that i use to flash images on the teres's emmc =_=
[17:46:00] <kreyren> Hmm the armbian images are waste of time it doesn't last for 1 hours of uptime without breaking something to the point where the system won't boot
[17:46:02] <kreyren> =_=
[19:18:16] <kreyren> ACTION wipes the eMMC, dd's /dev/zero on it and then does install_emmc with official image .. Ubuntu Lunar shows up after boot
[19:18:18] <kreyren> what
[19:19:48] <kreyren> no i don't have SDCArd in >_< is there some security thing that has been ruining my life this whole day?
[19:19:48] <kreyren> O.o