IRC #olimex 2023-01-17

[00:38:41] <kreyren> Teres-1 constructed! ^-^
[00:38:57] <kreyren> and seems to work fine. but i can't authorize to connect to the WiFi @_@
[00:39:19] <kreyren> like it shows wifi to work and it tries to connect, but always shows authorization err even when the password is correct
[00:40:04] <kreyren> tried the Sdcard on the new release too and that has same issue
[00:40:06] <kreyren> O.o
[00:43:42] <kreyren> tried the '' on sdcard
[00:44:39] <clarity> woof
[00:44:53] <kreyren> ACTION headpats clarity 
[00:50:44] <kreyren> tried 3 different wifis btw
[00:50:44] <kreyren> @_@
[00:57:59] <kreyren> oh my phone hotspot works
[01:00:57] <kreyren> oh wifi works now
[01:01:00] <kreyren> guess i can't type passwords
[01:01:01] <kreyren> @_@
[01:03:56] <bill-auger> kreyren: if you are adventurous, or have an extra sd card, i would be interested to know if parabola works OOTB
[01:04:18] <kreyren> bill-auger, gib me image to put on sdcard and i try it
[01:04:49] <bill-auger> its not so simple as debian
[01:05:13] <bill-auger> you need to flash the uboot manually, for example
[01:05:37] <kreyren> for me it was put it together, press power button, notice that you routed the hugging cable wrong so that when you close the display it pulls the connector from the pcb, fixing that, and it booting to ubuntu mate without problems xD
[01:05:51] <kreyren> ummm the uboot is supposed to be on a separate partition
[01:06:14] <bill-auger> i mean the bootloader - it is not within any partition
[01:06:36] <kreyren> i know it can work off of partition too doesn't have to be on the SPI
[01:08:42] <kreyren> Tsvetan, umm can i upgrade the eMMC considering that i can solder a new chip in it or it is somehow restricted to 16GB? O.o
[01:09:09] <bill-auger> ill try to explain - debian images like olimex are board-specific - the parabola image works on any 32bit ARM compuer, but each user must install their specific bootloader, with the `dd` command for example
[01:09:33] <kreyren> umm so give me a command to invoke? :p
[01:09:57] <bill-auger> follow the wiki guide, or you will probably do someting wrong
[01:10:43] <kreyren> bill-auger, that requires an arch system
[01:11:01] <kreyren> umm i guess i could do docker
[01:11:07] <bill-auger> a parabola or arch ISO cuold be used
[01:11:42] <bill-auger> i do not believe that is strictly requied though
[01:11:43] <kreyren> or like i can just upload the bootloader from the olimex ISO on the SPI and we just try parabola on it xD
[01:12:40] <bill-auger> yes that is what was just thinking - you could reconfigure the bootloader installed now
[01:13:22] <kreyren> hmm
[01:13:42] <bill-auger> you cuold probably install the parabola image to a new partition, keeping whatever you have running well now
[01:15:54] <bill-auger> in fact you may need to, i dont know if parabola has a bootloader for that SoC yet
[01:17:25] <bill-auger> again "if you are adventurous" - i fugure most people are, when first acquiring these new gadgets
[01:17:57] <kreyren> well i want to put guix on it
[01:17:57] <kreyren> xD
[01:19:12] <kreyren> and like this is my school notebook so i kinda need it to be reliable @_@
[01:20:05] <bill-auger> that would demonstrate the same evidence that interest me - if any FSDG distro works OOTB (parabola, guix, trisquel, etc) any of other would also work
[01:20:24] <kreyren> oke gonna work on guix then~
[01:22:00] <bill-auger> the linux-libre kernel is the most important factor - you cuold even install linux-libre on that olimex image - that alone would be almost as reliable
[01:22:37] <bill-auger> ... a reliable guess that it would run any of parabola, guix, trisquel, etc
[01:23:11] <kreyren> oke
[01:24:09] <bill-auger> again, the trick would be to re-confugure the bootloader, to boot the new kernel
[01:25:23] <kreyren> o.o
[01:25:25] <bill-auger> if youre aiming for guix,a dn if guix has a decent install guide, i may try that first
[01:25:53] <kreyren> guix's docs ain't bad in that area
[01:26:50] <kreyren> tsvetan should really package that with trisquell instead of ubuntu tbh~
[01:27:58] <bill-auger> the arm port of trisquel is very new (beta) - im sure theyd be glad to have testers
[01:28:25] <kreyren> mhm
[01:28:49] <kreyren> the olimex logo on the bootloader is cool
[01:28:50] <kreyren> xD
[01:29:22] <bill-auger> i trisquelized the freedom-maker program a few months ago, to help it along
[01:31:28] <bill-auger> it has a dependency issue now; but with a little more work, it should be able to generate a trisquel image for that board
[01:32:36] <kreyren> hmm O.o
[08:51:02] <kreyren> Tsvetan, umm do you have the CAD files for the chasis for teres? O_o
[08:58:49] <kreyren> also umm can you enable registration to the wiki or if maintanance and vandalism is a problem then do that has an enforcement team for it? ^-^
[09:05:04] <kreyren> ACTION created
[09:39:46] <bill-auger> i was curious myself, so i clarifeid this bit - a parabola host is needed for install, only for pacman to flash the bootloader, semi-automatically and user-friendly like
[11:20:27] <kreyren> oh found the CADs
[11:20:28] <kreyren> yay
[11:20:48] <kreyren> bill-auger, O.o
[11:21:01] <kreyren> wa
[11:29:08] <kreyren> where is the project of ppl making a 3d printable chasis?
[11:29:20] <kreyren> i saw it mentioned on fosdem18
[11:29:21] <kreyren> O.o
[11:29:32] <kreyren> oh found it
[12:49:34] <kreyren> Tsvetan, btw. you probably want to increase the size of the official olimex image's boot partition as the built-in ubuntu updater will fail bcs it's missing 47MB of space unless the bootloader is removed~
[12:49:52] <kreyren> ACTION would do 50MB -> 100MB
[15:03:35] <kreyren> hmm the official olimex image for teres-1 seems to be pretty hugged up @_@ can't get most of the packages to work
[15:03:43] <kreyren> hmm i guess i try the armbian thing
[16:04:55] <kreyren> the armbian seems to work without an issue ^-^
[20:22:56] <kreyren> how the hug do you install armbian on the eMMC from SDCard that is booting the distro aaaaaAaaaAAAAA
[20:23:01] <kreyren> hmm probably ddd
[20:23:01] <kreyren> ye
[20:23:03] <kreyren> me smart
[21:15:40] <nedko> :)
[21:16:31] <nedko> kreyren: as long as uboot that is on sdcrad can boot from emmc you are probably fine :)