IRC #olimex 2023-01-14

[06:27:19] <kreyren> Tsvetan, do you know/think if the semi-conductor plant in lithuania, germany and the US affects this at all?
[06:32:34] <kreyren> ACTION talked with germans and they seem really confident that the bosch plant will help with the semiconductor crisis
[06:34:33] <kreyren> afaik the plant in lithuania has backorder up until like 2025 by bigtech and military and US seems to be around the same
[06:36:12] <kreyren> also this
[12:59:06] <epony> the chips you're concerned with are made in Chinese Taiwan by TSMC and Korean Samsung and other Chinese memory makers
[13:30:50] <kreyren> We are concerned about NXP chips those are allegedly planed to be made in germany or lithuania
[13:31:16] <kreyren> and like Q2 of this year O.o
[15:00:05] <kreyren> btw does anyone know off of a good design to benchmark invidual PCB manufacturers? was given this so far and ain't sure