IRC #olimex 2023-01-13

[09:48:01] <kreyren> heyo
[09:58:06] <kreyren> umm Tsvetan if you have time can you like give me the tracking number? @_@
[09:58:26] <kreyren> ACTION is self-aware to be annoying, but has busy week and need to schedule lessons with teachers and stuff @_@
[09:58:48] <kreyren> bcs like the status thing just says that the order is currently being processed
[11:12:42] <clarity> Is IMX8QM still held back by component shortage?
[14:57:31] <kreyren> clarity, afaik it still is
[14:57:38] <kreyren> at least checked like 8 days ago
[14:58:17] <clarity> :<
[14:58:23] <kreyren> i should stalk that thing more seems like good mainboard for teres-1
[14:58:40] <kreyren> though ppl think it will be overpriced for hobbists
[15:19:57] <kreyren> is that actually still a thing? seems that they did changes in production and kinda indicating that it will be fair priced?
[15:19:57] <kreyren> O.o
[15:20:12] <kreyren> bcs like that thing is more resourceful than RK3399
[15:20:22] <kreyren> and libre microcode and stuff~
[15:20:34] <kreyren> and like i kinda wanna laugh at pine64 users
[16:23:14] <kreyren> oooo got tracking number
[16:23:16] <kreyren> :O
[16:23:18] <kreyren> :33333333
[16:32:55] <kreyren> Estimated delivery date: 16. January 2023 - By End of Day
[16:32:56] <kreyren> aaAAaaaAAAaaaAAAA
[16:51:03] <clarity> So wait you can get personal signatures from Tsvetan just by asking?
[16:53:39] <Tsvetan> clarity iMX8QM is still not available for purchase, it seems the semi crisis will not be solved this year as if economy slows down there will be no reason to re-start production
[16:55:07] <clarity> :\
[16:55:40] <Tsvetan> and on top of this semiconductor crisis works well for the semiconductor companies they now sell at triple prices and people buy whatever they offer
[16:55:50] <Tsvetan> so they have no motive to change
[16:56:57] <Tsvetan> just check their financial reports for the last two years - they make more money than before
[16:57:06] <Tsvetan> with less efforts
[16:57:47] <Tsvetan> we move more and more to Chinese semiconductors as there at least have no supply problems
[17:00:24] <Tsvetan> Espressif is example of excellent product with very high sales not affected by the crisis, basically you can order hundreds of thousands of components and get them in 4-8 weeks, while general purpose components like LAN PHYs by Microchip are with 100-150 weeks delivery time
[17:02:36] <Tsvetan> I have pending orders from August 2020 which are re-scheduled several times and latest confirmation is for March 2023 :) but I do not hold my breath as this easily could be changed to march 2024 when the date approach
[17:05:14] <clarity> Yea.. we just end up making new revisions of boards using different chips. It's a real pain all around