IRC #olimex 2023-01-12

[01:37:41] <kreyren> umm.. When I chose an express shipping will it ship to those 3 days or could there be a delay? O.o
[08:07:00] <kreyren> umm.. When I chose an express shipping will it ship to those 3 days or could there be a delay? O.o
[08:29:11] <bill-auger> kreyren: it is probably not during business hours now - can you hang out for a while, someone may answer
[08:32:06] <kreyren> soo if i ordered bunches of things like 2 days ago then i should get them now?~
[08:32:14] <kreyren> or like today @_@
[08:39:47] <bill-auger> i would not know anything like that - just another user like you
[08:40:50] <kreyren> hmmm ;-;
[08:41:01] <bill-auger> ask again, during whatever are the business hours in Bulgaria
[08:41:21] <kreyren> \>_<
[08:42:19] <kreyren> seems that i already asked during business hours
[08:42:25] <kreyren> like 08:00 AM right
[08:42:47] <bill-auger> you do not need to wait in chat if you are impatient - also the email address and telephone number are on the website
[08:43:13] <bill-auger> sry i would not know what time it is in bulgaria
[08:43:22] <kreyren> you realize i am incapable of patience right xD
[08:43:38] <bill-auger> email almost always works best for internet communications
[08:44:06] <kreyren> ehw 90s technology i don't have white computer with bulky screen
[08:45:15] <bill-auger> email is still the most-used internet communications tool, by a large margin
[08:46:05] <bill-auger> IRC is just as old, but is used today by many mnay fewer people
[08:46:43] <kreyren> >_<
[08:47:35] <kreyren> what do ppl even do to like be able to wait
[08:48:17] <bill-auger> you do something else
[08:48:36] <kreyren> meeeehhh
[08:48:43] <bill-auger> when the email reply arrives, a bell rings, then you can read it
[08:48:57] <kreyren> it already says accepted and that it's being processed >_<
[08:57:56] <kreyren> and DHL Zone 3, but both czech rep. and bulgaria are zone 7 O.o
[09:00:56] <kreyren> hmm are they shipping that from asia? o_o
[09:02:27] <kreyren> oh nwm i am looking at wrong DHL doc
[09:02:29] <kreyren> @_@
[09:09:50] <Tsvetan> kreyren please use for any questions related to orders
[09:10:00] <kreyren> meeeeh
[09:15:02] <kreyren> Tsvetan, can't you just give me the generic answer here? :p
[09:17:10] <Tsvetan> kreyren everything is already written in the GTC which you should read and accept before you order, but I guess you didn't read it if you still ask, right?
[09:17:32] <Tsvetan> we usually ship all orders in 3 work days, when they arrive to you depend on what service you selected when ordering
[09:18:18] <Tsvetan> also when there is long breaks like the New Year holidays sometimes we get backlog and need some more time to ship, but you can always check your order status at
[09:20:16] <Tsvetan> I check and I see just one unshipped order to Czech which was entered on 10.01 and it's packed and will be shipped today
[09:20:21] <kreyren> umm i kinda just handed over a list of olimex links to my PA and she ordered it through lawyer xD told me that the website said 1-3 days on the shipping page.. i don't like readings
[09:20:46] <kreyren> Tsvetan, ye the one with teres-1 should be mine ^-^
[09:21:08] <Tsvetan> yes I saw it with weird request the PCB to be signed :))))
[09:21:52] <kreyren> mhm the system's special for me bcs it's OSHW so when i upgrade the PCB i want to frame it in my office :3
[09:22:36] <Tsvetan> note that there is almost no free space on the PCB of Teres where to place signature, we will do this with marker not sharpie
[09:23:00] <kreyren> oke thanks thanks thanks ^-^
[09:23:31] <kreyren> ideally if you can spray like clear coat over it so that it doesn't get smudged off in shipping @_@
[09:32:38] <epony> looks like somebody is getting a happy delivery
[09:32:50] <epony> congrats
[09:34:42] <kreyren> mhmhmhmh