IRC #olimex 2023-01-01

[00:00:01] <bill-auger> also there is also "mobian" - maybe there is another route that may supprt a wider range of boards OOTB
[00:00:46] <bill-auger> mobian may supprt a wider range of boards than upstream debian
[00:01:30] <joepublic> I am not too clear the distinction between the u-boot, the kernel, and the os. I'd like to run debian main with any working kernel preferably free of binary blobs. but I wouldn't know how to go about putting that together.
[00:03:00] <joepublic> I appreciate your help, you have given me much to think about. (the freedombox image had a successful bootloader experience but didn't boot into anything useful on the console)
[00:03:16] <bill-auger> and as a final note, if youd like to run parabola instead, we (the parabola team) will help you - we intend to promote that board to "high-priority support" eventually
[00:04:02] <bill-auger> ok well thats good - so now you have an up-to-date bootloader - just install another debian now
[00:04:33] <joepublic> I honestly don't know how to do that. my install experience is x86-centric, worlds away from the olinuxinos
[00:05:13] <bill-auger> or ask in #freedombox on OFTC or the freedombox mailing list for help getting what you have working
[00:06:03] <bill-auger> presumably that image you just installed is intended to work - so you would be reporting a high-priority bug
[00:08:14] <joepublic> perhaps I should ask the #debian folks what's the right channel for arm sbc/SoC support since that's what I really want
[00:09:11] <bill-auger> if you just installed freedombox, that is the channel you want
[00:09:29] <bill-auger> #freedombox on OFTC or the freedombox mailing list
[00:10:23] <joepublic> Thanks again for your help.
[13:22:01] <Shane[m]> joepublic: did you fixed the issue? Like worst case i can setup the image for you to just dd on the storage device as image alike should be widely available anyway to make the board work OOTB
[13:22:23] <Shane[m]> hmm could probably do like Continuous delivery 🤔
[15:26:01] <joepublic> I actually haven't made much progress. I am hampered by a lack of knowledge, which I am trying to remedy but it's a slow process.
[15:29:00] <Shane[m]> joepublic: what is the end goal again?
[15:30:09] <joepublic> a working modern debian system. (I have a debian jessie image working with the sunxi 3.4 kernel but it's too old to apt update)
[15:33:31] <joepublic> I've tried the olimex debian bullseye image (boots great but no network), the freedombox image recommended by bill-auger (tries to boot but fails), and the debian-installer from debian (nothing comes up on the screen when I try to boot)
[15:36:40] <joepublic> I've also tried using apt upgrade to upgrade a jessie image to stretch, then buster, then bullseye, which failed at trying to upgrade to buster (systemd units started timing out during the apt upgrade and it left the thing unbootable)
[16:09:29] <Shane[m]> <joepublic> "a working modern debian system...." <- can't you just like change the debian release in `/etc/apt/forgot_the_name` and then do `apt update` ?
[16:10:25] <joepublic> i did change "jessie" to "stretch" succesfully and apt update and upgrade on the jessie image.
[16:10:37] <Shane[m]> try stable ?
[16:11:07] <joepublic> stretch is still too old to be much use, next step was change stretch to buster and apt update/upgrade. this failed miserably
[16:11:28] <joepublic> I think the 3.4 kernel is too old to work with modern debian
[16:12:03] <Shane[m]> try changing that to `stable` and doing `apt-get update && apt-get upgrade -y && apt-get dist-upgrade -y`
[16:12:32] <Shane[m]> 3.4 is old but shouldn't affect things bcs apt is doing live-patches through modules
[16:12:46] <joepublic> (1) it won't boot anymore, (2) debian upgrade is best one release at the time, not straight from jessie to bullseye.
[16:13:11] <joepublic> I mean, I could try it, I would want to back up this running system first.
[16:13:31] <Shane[m]> 1 get the original image?
[16:13:31] <Shane[m]> 2 that's what debian tells you, but in practice it worked for me to update that way from an ancient release
[16:13:46] <Shane[m]> it's A20-lime2 right?
[16:13:56] <joepublic> yes, rev. c
[16:14:39] <Shane[m]>
[16:14:39] <Shane[m]> you saw this?
[16:15:31] <Shane[m]> stable seems to be in 2-year release cycle and testing is rolling
[16:15:37] <joepublic> yes, the stable one successfully ubooted but after "loading kernel" nothing useful came up
[16:15:58] <Shane[m]> how did you installed it?
[16:16:12] <joepublic> cat the-image.img > /dev/the-sd-card
[16:16:19] <Shane[m]> bcs you are describing a symptoms of botched write to the memory card
[16:16:46] <Shane[m]> ye.. xD you want to use dd if=path/to/image.img of=/dev/device_here conv=sync status=progress
[16:17:25] <joepublic> ok, I'll try that.
[16:17:47] <Shane[m]> cat won't convey all the data so that results in various of issues from broken bootloader to broken OS
[16:17:55] <joepublic> I've got a meeting here in a few minutes but will re-flash the sd after I get back
[16:18:10] <Shane[m]> btw it should point to the device such as /dev/sdc not /dev/sdc1 (partition)
[16:18:19] <Shane[m]> bcs it seems to have a partitions in place already
[16:18:27] <joepublic> got it. my sd cards have been coming up as /dev/sde usually.
[16:18:43] <Shane[m]> oke ping me how it goes i try to help worst case i try to patch any issues you have
[16:18:53] <joepublic> thank you.
[16:18:58] <Shane[m]> also where you got the `cat file.img > /dev/device` ?
[16:19:39] <joepublic> the debian wiki has similar instructions for preparing a debian installer for the olinuxinos
[16:20:08] <Shane[m]>
[16:20:08] <Shane[m]> that's the instructions page the freedombox points to O.o
[16:21:51] <Shane[m]> joepublic: also you probably want the testing release if you don't want to use up to 2 year old release on the stable channel 🤔
[16:22:36] <joepublic> yeah, bookworm/testing would be fine
[16:24:48] <Shane[m]>
[16:24:48] <Shane[m]> The images from olimex seems to have a bullseye base
[16:31:53] <Shane[m]> <joepublic> "the debian wiki has similar..." <- If you find the page then plz give it to me i will update it, but i checked all sources provided on the olimex's website and on freedombox and i couldn't find such instruction O.o
[16:34:33] <Shane[m]> and the oldest image i can find from the legacy archive is bionic release 🤔
[16:48:31] <Shane[m]> Found a debian wiki about installing on allwinner on which recommends using zcat, maybe you misread the command?
[18:19:20] <joepublic> reflashing the freedombox image now with dd
[18:21:02] <Shane[m]> oke
[18:21:43] <joepublic> I wouldn't say I misread the command, just that zcat didn't seem to apply for an xz image, but yes that's the reference I saw.
[18:22:08] <Shane[m]> mhm
[18:22:09] <Shane[m]> also extract that from xz to img
[18:22:17] <joepublic> right.
[18:22:37] <joepublic> I am currently doing exactly this: sudo dd if=freedombox-stable-free_pioneer_a20-olinuxino-lime2-armhf.img of=/dev/sde conv=sync status=progress
[18:22:46] <Shane[m]> lgtm
[18:27:17] <Shane[m]> might take some time it seems to be around 4GB image
[18:27:34] <Shane[m]> also once you finish with dd then do $ sync
[18:27:56] <joepublic> I always sync before pulling the card out
[18:28:08] <Shane[m]> mhm
[18:35:21] <Shane[m]> joepublic: Was looking on that cat command usage and it seems that it's able to copy the bootloader, but then the OS is all messed up
[18:52:14] <joepublic> well, the resulting sd card u-boots, says "Starting kernel..." the screen clears and I get a blinking cursor at top left for 5 minutes now.
[21:08:39] <Shane[m]> O.o
[21:08:53] <Shane[m]> joepublic: Mention me when i am not replying plz i didn't see the reply
[21:08:53] <Shane[m]> where did you get that sdcard?
[21:40:37] <bill-auger> Shane there is nothing wrong with using `cat` - ive never seen it fail, and i cant imaging why it would be more or less reliable than `dd`
[21:41:35] <Shane[m]> i was doing shasum of using cat and dd on the result and it wasn't same 🤔
[21:41:47] <bill-auger> and it is what debian recommends - that is where i first learned it from
[21:41:54] <Shane[m]> bill-auger: ^
[21:42:14] <Shane[m]> where does it recommend it? It never worked for me O.o
[21:42:18] <bill-auger> probably the differnence is state of the unused space
[21:42:42] <Shane[m]> 🤔
[21:43:23] <Shane[m]> Could be, but then why do you think he's unable to boot the OS on A20-lime2
[21:43:56] <bill-auger> `cp` will stop copying when it can - `dd` will write out all bytes per bs= and count=
[21:44:23] <bill-auger> sry not `cat` - i mean `cp`
[21:44:50] <bill-auger> # cp an.img /dev/sdX
[21:45:31] <Shane[m]> bcs like if you open the sdcard after it wrote it with cat it seems to be just one thing instead of with dd where my system detects two partitions
[21:45:31] <Shane[m]> ik, my hypothesis was that it copies the files, but due to the image consisting the partitioning table that it fails to copy that
[21:45:39] <bill-auger> cant remenber where i first saw it - that was many year ago
[21:46:08] <Shane[m]> mby it's recommended for debian, because they don't expect the bootloader partition?
[21:46:32] <bill-auger> dunno, ive never seen it fail
[21:46:46] <Shane[m]> interesting 🤔
[21:46:55] <bill-auger> it not only debian - i use cp for parabola ISOs also
[21:46:55] <Shane[m]> will mess with it when i have time then
[21:47:01] <Shane[m]> Shane[m]: ^
[21:47:40] <Shane[m]> user said that they have a blinking cursor at the top left somewhere after bootloader phase
[21:48:45] <bill-auger> that could be alot of things - missing or incompatible graphics drivers is a strong candidate
[21:49:08] <Shane[m]> on the A20-lime2 board using stable image?
[21:49:15] <Shane[m]> from freedombox iiuc
[21:49:26] <bill-auger> if it has ATI graphics, nomodeset may be needed
[21:49:48] <bill-auger> oh nm - were in the ARM world now
[21:49:57] <Shane[m]> ACTION thinks that it's something with the init process instead
[21:50:02] <Shane[m]> bill-auger: yep..
[21:51:15] <Shane[m]> bill-auger: oh meant to quote this
[21:56:01] <Shane[m]> ACTION goes to annoy qemu people into giving him a command to test the image
[22:44:01] <joepublic> I have ordered some more sd cards to play with from newegg, but it will be a couple days before they get here.
[23:29:55] <Shane[m]> joepublic: like you said that it works with the linux 3.4 so i don't think it's sdcard issue
[23:30:57] <Shane[m]> ACTION uploaded an image: (115KiB) < >
[23:31:07] <Shane[m]> i have a build for guix trying to build it now
[23:32:28] <Shane[m]> at least bill-auger from what i understood seems to think that it's freedombox-related issue
[23:33:35] <Shane[m]> because you have Rev.C and the image is being tested/developed against Rev.G
[23:36:51] <Shane[m]> i doubt that's the case though considering the releases are month apart according to the chatgpt 🤔
[23:43:52] <Shane[m]> ACTION uploaded an image: (498KiB) < >
[23:43:53] <Shane[m]> 🤔
[23:49:23] <joepublic> Shane[m], news, news, you were right, it was the card, using a different known good card freedombox stable boots fine.
[23:49:49] <Shane[m]> ACTION is even more confused
[23:49:54] <Shane[m]> yay!~
[23:50:25] <joepublic> freedombox won't let me in [just my luck] but it *does* boot properly as far as I can tell. I get a login prompt.
[23:50:53] <Shane[m]> O.o
[23:51:16] <Shane[m]> ID: root
[23:51:16] <Shane[m]> PW: 1234
[23:51:16] <Shane[m]> from what i quickread on the page few min ago
[23:54:16] <Shane[m]> joepublic: the manual on the debian wiki says that it should do an initial setup
[23:55:05] <joepublic> it won't let me in on the web interface. it properly forwards from http to https, then a generic error about unable to connect, using either freedombox.local or its IP address.
[23:55:07] <Shane[m]> maybe it finished the setup and it expects you to connect to it now?
[23:55:15] <Shane[m]> oh
[23:55:16] <Shane[m]> O.o
[23:55:37] <joepublic> the fact that it got an IP address means the network is working, so it's got that going for it over and above the olimex latest image.
[23:56:44] <Shane[m]> joepublic: clarify the unable to connect
[23:57:23] <joepublic> Unable to connect - An error occurred during a connection to - The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments. - If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer’s network connection. - If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.
[23:58:11] <Shane[m]> Sounds like host not found error to me.. are you sure you are connected on the local network? can you see the device in e.g. nmap?
[23:58:41] <Shane[m]> $ nmap -p 80 --open -sV # (replace the ip/netmask with the one the router uses)
[23:58:46] <Shane[m]> what recommends the debian wiki^
[23:58:58] <joepublic> I can ping it. I'll run nmap.
[23:59:38] <Shane[m]> maybe router firewall or something?