IRC #olimex 2022-12-31

[22:47:54] <joepublic> having a little trouble with my olinuxinos (seems to be the way with these things until set up and running smoothly)
[22:51:46] <joepublic> they are olinuxino-lime2 A20 boards, with ancient image on sd card booting 3.4(?) sunxi kernel, ethernet works great. With latest debian bullseye image on sd card from, no ethernet. dmesg says it can't initialize their dma access.
[22:51:59] <joepublic> hopefully this is a faq with an easy answer.
[22:52:45] <joepublic> ethernet is kind of important for my use case for these devices.
[22:53:46] <Shane[m]> joepublic: olimex is on vacation til tomorrow
[22:53:58] <Shane[m]> ehh i don't have experience with that board, but if you give me the dmesg i can take a look O.o
[22:55:36] <joepublic> k, I'll give it a shot. will take few mins to save the dmesg to a usb stick or something
[22:57:52] <bill-auger> you could try the freedombox image
[23:00:43] <bill-auger> there are at least three significant "genrations" if lime2, each with subtle differences/bugs - so some images will be better tuned to each model - freedombox targets the 2nd gen (rev F to G2)
[23:02:35] <bill-auger> the latest olimex image may target only the current 3nd gen (rev H an later) - if you have a first-gen, you may have to do do something more clever
[23:04:38] <joepublic> Here's the dmesg, -- gets interesting with network failure at about 25 seconds
[23:06:04] <joepublic> I don't know what revision I have, but it's something like 2-3 years old as I recall
[23:07:14] <joepublic> "Made in Bulgaria 2015" is printed on the underside :)
[23:11:04] <bill-auger> its printed on the main board
[23:11:32] <bill-auger> near the SPI pads IIRC
[23:11:42] <joepublic> found it, "Rev. C"
[23:18:39] <joepublic> perhaps I am stuck with this ancient image and sunxi 3.x kernel. Hope not. Have downloaded the freedombox image to try.
[23:54:27] <bill-auger> joepublic: lime2 are very libre-frienfly - all the source code is available; so youre not stuck with anything
[23:55:19] <joepublic> I am limited by my skillset, which is admittedly stretched when working with these things.
[23:55:22] <bill-auger> your problem is most likely a mis-configured uboot - that is completely unrelated to the OS - you may need to compile your own uboot - thats all
[23:56:00] <bill-auger> if the "ancient" image works, install it, then simply upgrade the system with apt
[23:56:49] <bill-auger> im pretty sure apt would not try to clobber your bootloader - just look for that, and do not let it
[23:57:08] <joepublic> that was not a successful strategy and I lost a working sd card/ssd combo to the attempt.
[23:57:13] <bill-auger> do not allow it to over-write your boot-loader
[23:57:58] <joepublic> apparently my kernel is too old to update to a recent debian. upgrading to debian 10 was what was unsuccessful. the u-boot still works, but past that debian will not start.
[23:58:34] <bill-auger> then just install a new debian fresh
[23:59:16] <bill-auger> just do not allow it to over-write your boot-loader, and it sholud work