IRC #olimex 2022-11-15

[17:36:45] <w0ll3q1uszxabiwo> Can you get an SSD to work on Teres-1 ?
[17:40:21] <nedko> one could put a sata to usb3 chip on a pcb in there, i guess
[17:40:24] <nedko> DIY :D
[19:56:50] <w0ll3q1uszxabiwo> <nedko> "one could put a sata to usb3..." <- would that actually work? Afaik that's what PINE64 was trying to do with the original pinebook and failed
[19:57:54] <w0ll3q1uszxabiwo> CC Tsvetan -- Do you have any useful info on this? i saw in the github repo of teres-1 that olimex had plans in 2018 for the NVME expansion for it
[19:59:57] <w0ll3q1uszxabiwo> tldr: A30/A20 vs A64 in terms of storage? in relation to it's use as OSHW-server and notebook?
[20:00:40] <w0ll3q1uszxabiwo> as the Freedombox pioneer seems to have a SATA capability that A30 and A64 doesn't have
[20:07:47] <w0ll3q1uszxabiwo> bcs like i want to run GNU Guix on my teres-1 and currently there is an issue with storage bcs the nix daemon needs lot of storage and i want to avoid doing software management 🤔
[20:07:55] <w0ll3q1uszxabiwo> i guess worst case change the eMMC