IRC #olimex 2022-11-13

[09:37:51] <bill-auger> w0ll3q1uszxabiwo: it comes with freedombox preinstalled; so immedieately (eg: offline), it can run exactly the freedombox supported set of services, easily via the user-friendly freedombox interface
[09:38:44] <bill-auger> for the experts, is is a pure debian system; so it can run anything packaged for debian
[09:38:46] <w0ll3q1uszxabiwo> i meant like in terms of processing power
[09:39:56] <bill-auger> or experts can install other OS on it also - the board is the lime2 - it is well-supported in most OSes
[09:41:05] <w0ll3q1uszxabiwo> e.g. i wanted to run funkwhale on it, but people said that it's too weak to stream the music at acceptable rate
[09:41:58] <bill-auger> server software typically requires little power, unless website has many many visitiors
[09:44:10] <w0ll3q1uszxabiwo> hmm interesting, how much power does it draw on peak?
[09:49:02] <bill-auger> the freedombox could handle either end (client or server) of the funkwhale stream - serving, hundreds or thousands of streams simulteneously
[09:50:26] <bill-auger> IIRC, power it is less tha 2W - more with the add-on SATA disk
[11:07:09] <w0ll3q1uszxabiwo> hmm interesting thanks
[11:08:57] <w0ll3q1uszxabiwo> is it vulnerable to the spectre and meltdown or any other hardware bugs?
[11:40:38] <w0ll3q1uszxabiwo> and like why A20 over the A64 board?
[12:05:58] <bill-auger> the freedombox team would be who to ask, if you are asking specifically about a new model of freedombox - the channel is #freedombox on the OFTC network
[12:07:29] <bill-auger> i asked recently, about the possibility of a 64-bit freedombox
[17:39:11] <w0ll3q1uszxabiwo> noted thanks