IRC #olimex 2022-09-15

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[00:28:03] <M6piz7wk[m]> how long does it take olimex to deliver the TERES-1 kit?
[00:28:09] <M6piz7wk[m]> ACTION needs it by friday x.x
[00:28:17] <M6piz7wk[m]> i am in czechia
[00:28:31] <M6piz7wk[m]> oh website says 2~4 days
[00:28:34] <M6piz7wk[m]> good good
[00:31:43] <M6piz7wk[m]> it's annoying that it's 8K CZK though >_> pinebook pro is half of that and has stronger CPU
[00:31:56] <M6piz7wk[m]> hmm is self-manufacturing more economical?
[00:40:06] <bill-auger> M6piz7wk[m]: that dies not seem correct to me - i see TERES-A64 is 240 EUR - pinebook pro 219
[00:40:37] <bill-auger> that is a rather small difference, not nearly "half"
[00:41:24] <M6piz7wk[m]> Got pinebook pro for my gf for 4200 CZK a week ago
[00:43:01] <M6piz7wk[m]> from the website it seems to be 7100 CZK to czechia
[00:43:08] <mps> I've got teres-i for about 200-240 eur
[00:43:20] <mps> forgot exact price
[00:43:24] <bill-auger> the teres is definitely more economical - you are probably not considering what happens when it breaks - how much will it cost you to repair your pinebook - more-over, would it be possible to repair a broken pinebook yourself?
[00:43:48] <M6piz7wk[m]> true
[00:44:44] <M6piz7wk[m]> got RockPro64 from them for ~3800 CZK, it broke after it stayed on a shelf in a box and i can't fix it and neither can pine64 or their community
[00:45:17] <M6piz7wk[m]> still seems a lot for A64 x.x
[00:45:26] <bill-auger> the teres , it will be possible to repair, and less expensive to repair - but also olimex may make upgrade main-baords for the same design - so you would ot need to buy a new loaptop, just to get an upgraded CPU/RAM or whatever
[00:45:50] <M6piz7wk[m]> yep i plan on making upgrade myself
[00:46:21] <M6piz7wk[m]> since olimex doesn't seem to want to upgrade the mainboard anytime soon 🤔
[00:47:29] <M6piz7wk[m]> like 80 EUR for the mainboard.. when the A64 can be bought for 8 EUR
[00:53:31] <M6piz7wk[m]> 4 EUR even 🤔
[00:53:43] <M6piz7wk[m]> oh for 1190 pieces
[00:53:44] <M6piz7wk[m]> oke fair
[00:54:38] <M6piz7wk[m]> nope still seems to be around ~5 EUR/piece for 3 pieces
[01:08:14] <M6piz7wk[m]>
[01:08:21] <M6piz7wk[m]> Is this the same display used in TERES-1 ?
[01:51:08] <M6piz7wk[m]> judging by the provided datasheet it seems to be? file:///home/kreyren/Downloads/N116BGE-EA2.pdf
[02:37:27] <M6piz7wk[m]> ACTION submitted
[04:31:40] <M6piz7wk[m]> Olimex has OpenEEG :O
[04:39:26] <M6piz7wk[m]> they have a laboratory for that in czechia o.o
[04:40:50] <M6piz7wk[m]> They are literally playing computer games with it
[05:43:03] <bill-auger> M6piz7wk[m]: just FYI, there is no need to @mention on github , any project maintainers "Assumed maintainers of the repository"
[05:43:51] <M6piz7wk[m]> bill-auger: GitHub's notification is usually garbage so i rather mention people O.o
[05:43:52] <bill-auger> project maintainers will get an alert about all activity (and anyone else who is interested)
[05:44:15] <M6piz7wk[m]> i get notification for like 40% of things that need my attention on GH usually
[05:44:30] <bill-auger> well im just telling ya, many people would consider that to be rude
[05:44:34] <M6piz7wk[m]> it either doesn't sent it or hides it in the GH Notification in a wall of text >_<
[05:45:25] <bill-auger> it looks like a very valuable contribution though
[05:46:02] <bill-auger> though what is an "odg" file? - which program can open that?
[05:46:10] <M6piz7wk[m]> LibreOffice Draw
[05:46:18] <bill-auger> was that supposed to be "otd"
[05:46:35] <M6piz7wk[m]> nope that's for ehh libreoffice sheet i think
[05:46:44] <bill-auger> ok so po[openoffice or libreoffice can open it ?
[05:47:14] <M6piz7wk[m]> yep + proprietary can also open it afaik so manufacturers shouldn't have issues with it
[05:47:35] <M6piz7wk[m]> and it's libre format instead of using PDF which is adobe thing
[05:47:40] <bill-auger> i may have guessed wrong - i think i mean odt - that is the one i am familiar with
[05:48:02] <M6piz7wk[m]> oh odt seems to be libreoffice writer alternative to docx
[05:48:19] <bill-auger> "odt" is the normal word processor format - yea thats what i was thinking
[05:50:28] <M6piz7wk[m]> we should be probably using the libreoffice calc for that tbh bcs it's better and KiCAD can export it, but i don't know the project enough yet to know if the custom BOM has some important things in it that are not exportable from KiCAD
[05:51:36] <M6piz7wk[m]> ACTION updated comment with clarification
[05:53:34] <M6piz7wk[m]> <bill-auger> "it looks like a very valuable..." <- Will submit GNU Guix configuration and i plan to submit a new mainboard later too :p
[05:54:00] <M6piz7wk[m]> Would be cool if olimex added relativty VR headset.. sourcing parts for it is PAIN and it's very cool project
[05:54:22] <bill-auger> that would not be nearly as valuable - that sort of thing should be on the wiki
[05:54:39] <M6piz7wk[m]> (relativty is GPLv3
[05:54:53] <bill-auger> and/or on the guix wiki
[05:54:54] <M6piz7wk[m]> bill-auger: hm?
[05:55:37] <M6piz7wk[m]> Oh the guix configuration will be on the Guix website next to the pinebook thing in and i add mention of it in the README and wiki