IRC #olimex 2022-09-08

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[14:00:53] <Achpile> Good day! I'm new to electronic engineering and looking for advice. I found this and want to use it, but i'd like to use external power supply for my HDD's. So, if I just remove whole [C12, P1] "block" - everything will be fine and nothing gonna break? :D
[14:00:54] <Achpile>
[15:01:55] <Achpile> Sorry, I got disconnected. Resend please, if someone answered me :)
[15:05:20] <mps> Achpile: I didn't looked at this schematic, but ofc you can use usb with external power
[15:08:15] <Achpile> Thanks, but i mean - wouldn't it brake the schematic if i remove P1-C12 from it? :D It seems to be just 5v/gnd out, but im afraid to be wrong :D
[15:12:01] <mps> why not 'adapt' sata cable
[15:13:42] <Achpile> excuse me, what do you mean by "adapt"?
[15:25:51] <mps> heh, cut power wires
[15:29:53] <Achpile> :D
[15:30:56] <mps> well, you know how you want to attach power, so it is on you decide
[15:31:54] <mps> I just wanted to say that is ok to use external power supply, I did it on Allwinner A20 BananaPi board
[15:32:00] <Achpile> yep. i will use external power supply like this one
[15:35:05] <Achpile> so all i wanted to ask is just wouldn't removing this break the board itself
[15:38:18] <mps> idk, but I wouldn't remove 'just in case' I change mind later
[15:39:27] <Achpile> ok. thanks for your answers :)
[15:39:40] <mps> np :)