IRC #olimex 2022-08-31

[09:22:45] <M6piz7wk[m]> anyone here? Is this the official IRC server for Olimex?
[15:47:32] <bill-auger> yes M6piz7wk[m] - was that the only questino you wanted to ask?
[17:14:04] <M6piz7wk[m]> bill-auger: Didn't see anyone typing :p wanted to ask if there are any plans for RISC-V board
[17:31:29] <bill-auger> it is not important for people to be typing - IRC channels are generally not "chatting rooms" - normally people do not watch it - people will post comments or ask questions, then stay online and wait until someone answers - that could be perhaps hours (or even days, depending on the project) - but usually someone will answer the question eventually
[17:32:24] <bill-auger> of you can not stay connected to IRC for long periods of time, it is best to contact most projects via email
[17:35:22] <bill-auger> also "official" is not important either - projects do not normally do any important business on IRC - IRC channels are generally user-to-user support
[17:35:22] <bill-auger> does anyone know if olimex plans to make a RISC-V board?
[17:39:03] <M6piz7wk[m]> ACTION knows how IRC works, he's been using it for ~8 years.. just wasn't sure if my matrix bridge works
[18:06:34] <bill-auger> so far , so good