IRC #olimex 2022-06-22

[11:43:39] <van> hi
[11:44:01] <van> I am trying to debug a soc with cortex-a53/a72 cores
[11:44:01] <nedko> hello
[11:44:28] <van> And I did have a look at olimex jtag adapters but couldn't find anything which supports cortex-a series
[11:44:34] <van> am I missing something?
[11:45:06] <van> s/olimex jtag/olimex arm-jtag/
[11:45:34] <van> I know that openocd supports AArch64 and cortex-a series
[11:45:53] <van> so does this imply that it is unofficially supported?
[11:57:26] <jonas> Tsvetan ^
[12:17:57] <Tsvetan> van jtag is interface, so the hardware is compatible to every chip with this interface, what your software supports is another story. as you noted OpenOCD supports AArch64, but each ARM chip has specific memory configuration etc, this is done in .cfg file
[12:18:20] <Tsvetan> so what you have to see is if your particular a53/a72 has already .cfg file
[12:24:37] <van> Tsvetan: ah I see
[12:25:06] <van> so yeah, no. I can't find rk3399 in openocd.
[13:27:47] <Tsvetan> van did you try with google, I did and there is definitely rk3399.cfg for openocd
[14:01:30] <van> Tsvetan: ah yeah. i found it too.