IRC #olimex 2022-06-09

[11:58:09] <lopata> Hi, there's a mistake in the LCD init function example for the MSP430F5438 STK
[11:58:44] <lopata> The lines that
[11:59:26] <lopata> comments // Set Temp S6 ... and // Set Temp S[5:0] ... are totaly wrong!
[12:00:42] <lopata> It mistakes Temp for Temporary instead of Temperature!! + It writes in reserved location
[12:03:39] <lopata> the correct command would have just been: LCD_Send(0x05, SEND_CMD); // Sets Temperature Coeff
[12:08:15] <mps> jonas: current fix for teres keyboard in u-boot
[12:12:04] <jonas> oh, interesting - thanks, mps!
[12:39:19] <mps> jonas: it will not be merged in next stable 2022.07
[12:48:35] <jonas> I guessed that - too late, I guess
[13:02:04] <mps> yes, Andre forgot to fix it in time for release