IRC #olimex 2022-05-06

[02:33:13] <jonas> mps: a lightweight alternative to wpa_supplicant is iwd
[11:54:02] <mps> jonas: yes I know. I'm early user of it and I'm iwd (eiwd) alpine maintainer and I helped with iwd development by testing and some small bugfixes
[11:54:57] <mps> but iwd doesn't work with drivers which use old wext interface and r8188eu is one of these
[16:18:11] <mps> is there PCB in pdf of the A64-OLinuXino somewhere
[17:15:33] <mps> sometimes I have this in u-boot `scanning usb for storage devices... 0 Storage Device(s) found` A64-OLinuXino which have emmc
[17:15:51] <mps> is this bug known
[17:17:19] <mps> doesn't look like good idea to use this device in industrial appliances
[17:43:11] <Tezcatlipoca[m]> why would this necessarily be a bug, mps?
[17:46:01] <mps> Tezcatlipoca[m]: well, bug is in u-boot or board have issue
[21:08:07] <jonas> mps:
[21:18:57] <mps> jonas: thank you. I already looked there and only found kicad files for PCB but not pdf
[21:19:44] <jonas> that's all there is, as I understand it
[21:20:58] <mps> yes, loading files in kicad is not comfortable just for looking at PCB, but bearable at the end
[21:21:43] <mps> jonas: btw, does audio capture works for you
[21:21:54] <mps> on Teres, I mean
[21:22:35] <jonas> haven't played with that - I use a USB-based device when I need audio
[21:22:57] <mps> ah ok
[21:23:39] <mps> I can't get it on A64-OlinuxIno and tried also on teres but also on it doesn't work
[21:24:49] <mps> I see that debian DTB files have some overlays so maybe the 'trick' is there
[21:25:46] <mps> trying to make patch for A64 olinuxino to get audio working for mainline kernels
[21:26:26] <mps> added patch and got audio out works fine, just missing input
[21:41:40] <mps> ok, exported PCB as PNG from kicad, now it is more comfortable to look