IRC #olimex 2022-05-05

[13:03:07] <mps> latest kernels (5.16 and 5.17) uptime shows loads over 1.0 even when just few basic processes are running on Olinuxino A64
[13:03:41] <mps> with previous kernels load is normal
[13:04:08] <mps> I tested with locally build kernels and with latest armbian
[20:07:24] <jonas> 5.15 and 5.17 is not kernel versions - kernel versions have 3 segments
[20:28:31] <mps> jonas: :)
[20:29:41] <mps> actually 5.15 and 5.17 are kernel versions, first in series when the new serie is released
[23:40:12] <mps> hmm, looks like I found suspect one. it is r8188eu RTL wifi driver in combo with wpa_supplicat on kernels 5.16 and up
[23:40:34] <mps> or even 5.15