IRC #olimex 2022-05-02

[13:36:28] <diego71> with kernel 5.17 I had problem with the mali driver, but it can be fixed by reloading (ie: rmmod lima; modprobe lima)
[13:42:29] <jonas> what kind of problems, and wich exact kernel (full version of self-built mainline kernel, or package version + distro if using a precompiled kernel)
[13:42:31] <jonas> ?
[13:48:24] <diego71> debian kernel from experimental
[13:53:57] <diego71> linux-image-5.17.0-trunk-arm64-unsigned 5.17.1-1~exp1 arm64
[13:54:30] <diego71> the error is: lima 1c40000.gpu: dev_pm_opp_set_regulators: no regulator (mali) found: -19
[13:58:04] <adjtm_> diego71, teres laptop? a64-olinuxino?
[13:59:25] <diego71> on the teres
[14:02:04] <adjtm_> you could ask in #lima and #linux-sunxi at OFTC irc server
[14:03:14] <diego71> thanks, atm I just want share the fix, just in case someone else has the same problem
[14:04:02] <diego71> I am also reading some ml to check if it is a known problem
[14:05:32] <jonas> thanks - appreciated - but better if you share the (I wouldn't call it fix but) workaround with (not only us fellow users but also) developers, who are on that mailinglist adjtm_ listed
[14:07:34] <jonas> diego71: for the record, I cannot reproduce the issue you describe, on Debian testing with kernel package 5.17.0-1
[14:07:54] <jonas> perhaps simply update to newest (no-longer-experimental) package?
[14:08:33] <diego71> it's possible, I'll try in the next days
[14:08:58] <diego71> anyway, I pasted here the errors:
[14:09:20] <diego71> gtg now, thanks for the advices
[15:10:01] <mps> jonas: do you build kernels for A64 machines with some patches
[15:11:06] <mps> I'm preparing one olinuxino as radio amateur repeater but sound doesn't detected on kernle 5.17.x
[15:11:23] <jonas> no, not in a long time: nowadays Debian kernels a fine for me
[15:11:27] <mps> on teres-i it works
[15:11:42] <mps> ah, you use debian kernels
[15:12:11] <mps> jonas: ok, thanks, I will search elsewhere
[15:12:30] <jonas> oh, you mean OLInuXino-A64 boards - I have some of those but am not using them on a daily basis
[15:14:47] <mps> yes, sorry for imprecise question
[15:26:10] <jonas> no no, that's alright - I simply missed that detail
[22:18:43] <mps> found why sound card doesn't work. after few times enabling some options and drivers in kernel looked in DTS and found that in mainline kernel sound is not enabled for olinuxino-A64