IRC #olimex 2022-04-29

[16:59:12] <jonas> mps: about TERES-I leaking power while completely turned off, I now had mine turned off for 9 days and it still had juice when turning it on again
[17:00:04] <jonas> ...but seems it cannot estimate properly how much is left - so I suspect *that* is what you experienced
[17:01:20] <jonas> ...or if its estimate is correct then it seems there is *zero* power loss when completely turned off, because after 9 days off it reports 99% charged
[17:02:24] <mps> jonas: I last few days I checked it with more poweroff and boot cycles and looks like it fine now
[17:02:44] <mps> maybe because upgraded kernel
[17:03:39] <jonas> ACTION translates that to "maybe because non-Debian system" :-P
[17:03:56] <mps> hehe ;)
[17:04:16] <jonas> joke aside: happy to hear that your system behaves better now
[17:04:30] <mps> you know that I respect debian but ...
[17:04:52] <jonas> technically, the word "but" cancels previous statement
[17:05:05] <mps> heh
[17:05:31] <mps> debian is good but alpine is better, to simply put
[17:05:36] <mps> ofc, to me
[17:06:17] <jonas> alpine is no doubt the best in the whole World, but Debian exists
[17:06:23] <mps> I should rephrase this to 'alpine is bad but other are worse' :)
[17:06:44] <jonas> why should you?
[17:07:06] <mps> because I really think nothing is good
[17:07:23] <mps> bearable, maybe
[17:07:29] <jonas> I guess most accurate is that alpine is best (for you, not me) because (for whatever reason) it makes you happy
[17:08:28] <mps> hmm, not actually, alpine is bearable for me as was debian for about 18 or 20 years
[17:09:59] <mps> iirc I switched to debian in 1994 or 1995 from slackware
[17:11:29] <mps> jonas: with kernel 5,17.x teres works quite fine, even firefox
[17:11:57] <jonas> what (in your experience) didn't work as well?
[17:12:20] <jonas> ...because I find kernels from the past year or more acceptable too
[17:13:26] <mps> mali gpu didn't worked and fbdev was problematic
[17:15:28] <mps> but as I told earlier I didn't bought teres for serious usage, just to play with allwinner A64
[17:20:51] <jonas> I bought it to seriously play with it
[17:25:26] <mps> one of reason was how olimex made all their devices documented and I wanted to join their bandwagon
[17:26:08] <mps> waiting for Tsvetan announce riscv board ;)
[17:27:11] <mps> this is interesting