IRC #olimex 2021-11-19

[05:32:04] <tuxd3v> hello guys
[05:32:46] <tuxd3v> I just want to know the lime2 based in STMicroelectronics CPU has a Vivante 2d/3d grapgics card..
[05:32:58] <tuxd3v> does etnaviv opensource driver works with it?
[07:43:57] <Tsvetan> tuxd3v I saw your question on the blog, we didn't play with etnaviv before, it seems the drivers are in the kernel, but have to check if they are used in userspace
[14:58:39] <tuxd3v> Tsvetan, many thanks i will wait for your tests :)
[14:58:47] <tuxd3v> it would be very nice to know
[15:42:12] <jonas> tuxd3v: I suspect the real question is not *if* etnaviv works with the board, but instead the *level* of mainlining you need - e.g. if ok for you to grab custom kernel from or ok for you to use some fork maintained by Olimex, or you need integration with some distribution