IRC #olimex 2021-10-14

[14:41:42] <mps> jonas: I 'fixed' mmc ordering on a64 olinuxino in DTS with aliases, reboot it about 15 times and always got same mmc and emmc order
[14:42:05] <mps> i.e. consistent e/mmc numbers
[14:42:55] <mps> I think this should 'go' to mainline kernel
[14:46:21] <jonas> sounds nice!
[14:51:22] <mps> now I don't have to guess what to put in 'root=/dev/mmcblXp2' and pray i will got 'lottery'
[15:18:20] <jonas> you could use UUID
[15:27:25] <mps> UUID works only from initram
[15:27:46] <mps> like LABEL
[15:46:25] <jonas> you mean you don't use initramfs?
[15:47:55] <jonas> ACTION passes UUID for rootfs from extlinux file loaded by u-boot
[15:49:14] <mps> jonas: sometimes I use initramfs but most times not
[15:54:14] <jonas> then you should be able to use PARTUUID
[15:55:14] <mps> yes, I know
[15:56:25] <mps> but looking in these 'crypto hashes' is error prone, easier is to write mmcblk0p2 and clear
[15:56:53] <mps> I prefer simple as possible