IRC #olimex 2021-10-13

[12:14:01] <mps> anyone built crust for olimex boards? I don't see any enabled there?
[12:16:16] <mps> oh, there is teres issue report
[12:43:49] <jonas> :-)
[12:45:07] <jonas> mps: as also mentioned in that issue report, I succeeded building Crust with Pinebook config
[12:47:37] <mps> yes, I read it. also I build it with pinebook for alpine
[12:51:47] <jonas> if you used Debian, then you didn't have to replicate my work since a week:
[12:52:54] <jonas> ...or since 3 days, if you also want to skip the work on integrating with u-boot:
[12:59:31] <mps> jonas, you will not succeed to persuade me to go back to debian ;)
[13:00:56] <mps> I wasted too much time to make alpine better and though I think it is far from perfect I can't find anything which better fits my 'workflow'
[14:01:05] <jonas> ;-)
[17:41:25] <mps> a64 olinuxino have unstable e/mmc ordering on kernel boots, sometimes mmc is mmc1 and sometimes is mmc0. same with emmc
[17:41:34] <mps> this needs to be fixed
[19:11:16] <jonas> mps: please do
[19:24:42] <mps> jonas: I will do tomorrow, I see mmc is MMC1 in u-boot, so I think emmc should be MMC0
[19:29:48] <mps> hmm, looks like emmc is MMC2 in u-boot