IRC #olimex 2021-10-11

[00:58:07] <electronic_eel> Tsvetan: did you see that the Hirose DF12(3.0)-40DS-0.5V(86) is EOL? that part is used for the flash connector on the STMP157-OLinuXino-LIME2
[01:00:11] <electronic_eel> the EOL notice recommends the DF12NB(3.0) series as replacement, but I don't know if you can mate a DF12 and DF12NB connector
[01:01:00] <electronic_eel> and it seems like they removed the alignment pins in the DF12NB series, something i really liked about the DF12 series
[14:33:30] <mps> I have problem on teres when remaping CapsLock key to Control_L, ctrl-w and ctrl-x then doesn't work
[14:33:52] <mps> anyone else have this problem
[14:37:16] <mps> maybe proper question would be 'do anyone else here use teres?'
[15:05:22] <jonas> I use TERES-I but not CapsLock key
[15:08:20] <mps> I remap CapsLock to Control_L on all computers I use, for X with xmodmap
[15:09:52] <jonas> keyboard firmware is reflashable - would be great if someone skilled in messing with that could work on improving that
[15:10:05] <jonas> e.g. integrate with
[15:11:54] <mps> ah, interesting
[15:13:14] <jonas> I am not skilled enough for messing with that, but would be happy to package qmk for Debian, to help get more exposure to it and that way hopefully attract more attention to it
[15:18:12] <mps> nor I'm skilled in this
[15:51:34] <mps> hmm, keyboard firmware is probably buggy
[16:03:59] <jonas> possibly, yes
[16:04:41] <mps> jonas: do you use lima driver for X
[16:06:27] <jonas> yes, it is integrated with mesa nowadays
[16:06:39] <jonas> I don't use X11 but Wayland
[16:07:09] <mps> ah, I tried more options but can't get X starting
[16:07:44] <mps> only with latest armbian kernel and initrd I get it working
[16:08:13] <mps> if I boot armbian kernel without initrd X doesn't start
[16:08:29] <jonas> in case you (or others following along here) want to tinker with keyboard firmware, this is a starting point:
[16:09:20] <jonas> your problem might not be lima driver itself but configuration and/or libdrm issues
[16:09:26] <mps> jonas: thanks
[16:10:01] <mps> jonas: yes, I think some combo of sun4i_drm and lima is problem
[16:11:08] <jonas> I think all needed pieces are mainlined to linux, mesa, and libdrm since at least a year: Works with Debian stable which got frozen about a year ago
[16:11:32] <jonas> ...and Debian carry only few custom patches, as far as I know
[16:12:26] <mps> it must be something in armbian initrd which set proper params or module order to work correctly
[16:12:45] <jonas> might simply be a suid flag missing in your custom-rolled rootfs which works when you instead mixed in some armbian pieces
[16:13:11] <mps> I mean, if I use armbian kernel and initrd only, rest is alpine
[16:13:23] <jonas> I don't "grab" an initrd but generate one from parts in rootfs
[16:14:18] <jonas> even when bootstrapping, I chroot into the rootfs and generate initrd
[16:14:23] <mps> with above combo lima works fine
[16:14:35] <jonas> whatever makes you happy
[16:15:20] <mps> sorry, but I can't use any systemd distro
[16:16:38] <mps> after more than 16-18 years using debian I left it because of systemd and pulseaudio (and some other 'big improvements')
[16:17:38] <mps> but for now I will left teres aside and concentrate on a64 olinuxino
[16:24:07] <jonas> then use Debian without systemd - rebuilding the "contaminated" parts is still far less pain then abandoning the whole distro, IMO
[16:25:16] <jonas> ...but of course if it not really systemd but the evil/stupid people embracing systemd you want to avoid then sure, there is no other option than run for the hills...
[16:25:38] <mps> well, another reason I left is so called 'dependency hell' (sorry I don't want to say that debian is bad, it simply doesn't fit well in my 'workflow')
[16:26:24] <mps> I think debian is good distro (if not best one)
[16:27:11] <mps> most stable and tested, a lot of ready software, long term support .... and I can count a lot more
[17:55:19] <jonas> mps: the keyboard issue you experience is possibly this:
[17:59:38] <mps> jonas: thanks, you are awesome. will try later this evening
[18:00:26] <jonas> it is not clear which version (or git snapshot) of the LUFA project was linked against for the Olimex keyboard firmware shipped, but copyright notices indicates that at least some work was as old as 2016
[18:01:16] <mps> oh, well, I will not try, i don't have all needed tools