IRC #olimex 2021-10-09

[13:21:21] <mps> managed to install alpine linux on teres, works fine, but xorg can't start
[13:21:51] <mps> classic: '84.772] (EE) No devices detected'
[13:23:10] <mps> while '/dev/dri/card0' and '/dev/dri/renderD128' exists and have proper modes 'crw-rw---- 1 root video ...'
[15:14:06] <mps> ok, xorg works now on teres
[15:14:25] <mps> I mean, complete alpine linux runs on teres
[19:12:19] <jonas> congrats, mps!
[19:30:08] <mps> jonas: thanks
[19:31:34] <mps> just finished moving from mmc to internal emmc, everything is fine. but will need some kernel tweaks and settings userspace programs
[19:34:04] <jonas> too bad you couldn't be convinced to use Debian, so we could share tweaks more directly
[19:34:18] <jonas> which desktop environment will you be using?
[19:34:30] <jonas> ACTION uses Sway
[19:34:40] <jonas> ...and my partner uses Xfce
[19:35:24] <mps> awesome wm
[19:35:49] <mps> long ago I used xfce for about year or two
[19:36:38] <mps> I have to find how to set lima driver, don't like to build fbturbo
[19:37:10] <mps> anyway I think we can share our tweaks, ideas and solution
[19:38:09] <mps> my nephew uses xfce