IRC #olimex 2021-10-08

[11:40:49] <mps> building u-boot for teres and got this msg 'SCP firmware is required for system suspend, but is otherwise optional.'
[11:41:22] <mps> so, suspend/resume will not work without it iiuc?
[15:28:10] <mps> what is difference between configs/a64-olinuxino_defconfig and configs/a64-olinuxino-emmc_defconfig in u-boot
[15:28:48] <mps> does that means that for emmc and mmc we have to build two u-boot versions
[16:05:11] <mps> good, I got u-boot on mmc card on a64 lime2 working, now need to build kernel
[16:38:05] <adjtm> mps, lime2 doesn't have an a64 version
[16:38:27] <adjtm> you are talking about a64-olinuxino, right?
[16:40:04] <adjtm> about teres, I suggest pinging teres users ( Asara ?)
[16:40:19] <mps> adjtm: yes
[16:42:10] <mps> I'm working now on making kernel and root fs for A64
[16:42:31] <mps> later will have to assemble teres and then test it
[16:43:29] <adjtm> mps, armbian has official support for both a64-olinuxino and teres
[16:43:49] <adjtm> you can either use their images or look how they are built and configure
[16:45:21] <adjtm> armbian have slightly custom images of debian and ubuntu
[16:45:50] <adjtm> I'm currently using bullseye on a20-lime2 and I'm very happy with it
[17:38:27] <mps> adjtm: yes, I booted official olimex img (debian buster) but I'm building u-boot and kernel to use alpine linux on them
[17:48:58] <mps> adjtm: does the boot partition must be fat? I goot 'Retrieving file: /vmlinux-5.14.10' and next line 'Invalid FAT entry'
[17:51:48] <mps> hmm, looks like it uses u-boot on emmc
[17:55:16] <mps> no, I'm wrong here
[17:56:33] <mps> ah, olinux image uses ext4 and have u-boot config on it
[18:03:23] <mps> good, kernel boots, now have to add root fs
[18:28:14] <mps> got it, alpine linux boots on olimex A64-olinuxino \o/
[18:29:00] <mps> kernel is 64bit while userspace is 32bit
[20:12:24] <mps> and teres is assembled, and boots
[20:13:42] <mps> I'll have busy weekend with olimex devices :)
[21:37:40] <mps> what is default root password on teres?
[22:07:41] <jonas> mps: TERES-I is hardware - you must mean default password for some particular software
[22:08:57] <mps> jonas: I mean default root password for root on default image from emmc
[22:09:32] <mps> but, nvm I changed it already by 'sudo /bin/bash' and rest
[22:09:52] <jonas> it is documented on page 43 of the PDF manual: olimex
[22:10:13] <mps> I have another question, how to force teres to boot from mmc external card
[22:10:55] <mps> hmm, on page 43 it says it is olimex but doesn't work
[22:10:58] <jonas> plug in a bootable SD-card and that will get booted
[22:11:12] <mps> this is maybe for downloadable images
[22:11:27] <jonas> username olimex and password olimex - there is no direct root access
[22:11:44] <mps> yes, that's looks true
[22:11:49] <jonas> ...or at least I guess that's the case: The system is derived from Ubuntu
[22:12:16] <jonas> I guess you should ask Ubuntu for details not covered in the Olimex manual
[22:12:27] <jonas> ...or wipe it, as I do ;-)
[22:12:41] <mps> sure, this is my intention now :)
[22:13:01] <jonas> you don't need root access to wipe it ;-)
[22:13:18] <mps> jonas: anything special about mmc partitions or FS on mmc to boot
[22:13:26] <jonas> or more accurately: you don't need root on _that_ system to wipe it
[22:13:59] <jonas> the requirements for booting on Allwinner A64 devices apply
[22:14:29] <mps> hmm, maybe I could try with mmc I made for A64-olinuxino
[22:14:50] <jonas> geeky details are at
[22:15:14] <mps> I see on teres internal emmc have boot partition as vfat
[22:15:29] <mps> and partition table is dos
[22:15:50] <jonas> that evidently works, but I use ext4
[22:16:17] <mps> do you u-boot for it on debian
[22:18:11] <jonas> if you want to use GPT instead of MBR, then see
[22:18:50] <mps> ah, thanks
[22:18:51] <jonas> I fail to parse your question, but if you mean to ask if u-boot in Debian supports TERES-I then yes
[22:19:12] <mps> that was my question
[22:19:47] <mps> sorry, I'm self taught in english (and looks like I'm not good teacher)
[22:23:24] <jonas> judging from our many conversations so far, I'd say you are an excellent teacher
[22:24:03] <mps> heh
[22:24:44] <mps> jonas: could you tell me what are 'dd' parameters to flash spl for teres?
[22:25:08] <mps> I use 'dd if=u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin of=/dev/mmcblk1p1 bs=8k seek=1' not sure is this correct
[22:28:57] <jonas> I don't flash what u-boot builds, so cannot help you with that exact file
[22:29:26] <mps> this worked for A64-olinuxino
[22:29:57] <jonas> I flash using a Debian wrapper handling a unified ATF blob (instead of embedding ATF into each and every SPL code for each device
[22:30:22] <jonas> the command I use is (embedded in make code) here:
[22:31:18] <mps> ah, I forgot ATF
[22:32:36] <jonas> no wait - here's another place I call the wrapper which is less convoluted:
[22:33:38] <jonas> (first place I shared is when I generated images, second one is a script shipped with the image which supports re-flashing e.g. onto eMMC when booted from MicroSD card)
[22:34:24] <mps> I see
[22:34:47] <mps> thanks again
[22:35:11] <jonas> if you compile mainline u-boot yourself, then it should generate a blob with ATF embedded
[22:35:29] <jonas> ...assuming you cast the proper spells for that, obviously
[22:35:29] <mps> yes, building now