IRC #olimex 2021-10-07

[08:04:27] <Tsvetan> adjtm your observations are correct: A10 we have enough stock as this is not high runner. A13 is good selling and we have customers who use A13-SOM for many years in man-machine interface in different appliances and machines, but I sniffed what is about to happen last year and made purchase of A13 which will cover our sales for two years ahead. Same is for A20, we have plenty of stock, but as there is great demand (thousands of people copied our A20
[08:04:27] <Tsvetan> designs) I do prefer to not sell chips to may keep our customers happy. I've seen lot of companies moving to A20-SOM from other solutions they currently use but can't source.
[08:05:38] <Tsvetan> Allwinner keep selling us A20, last batch was from August 2021, so somehow they manage to produce but sell only to their key customers and price rised by 50%.
[08:06:37] <Tsvetan> Unfortunately A64 is not produced anymore and we do not have big stock. I expect we will finish our reserves by the end of this year and will temporary stop producing A64 boards.
[08:08:57] <Tsvetan> Note that we have plenty of TERES main boards already produced, so we will keep selling TERES for many months before need to run new batch of mainboards and meantime we may re-design new board with iMX8MPLUS to offer 6GB RAM
[08:11:07] <Tsvetan> STMP1xxx is indeed new, but we scheduled with ST regular deliveries and we have plenty in stock. They also commit for 15 years longevity program for STM32MP157 so this is where we are about to focus as in long run there is no much sense to keep 151 153 and 157 which difers just by few things and price is about the same
[08:12:45] <Tsvetan> stmp157-olinuxino-lime2 have just few more things to polish about the LCD support, their output lines are different than A20 and need some different timings as otherwise the picture is flickering in some corner case. Almost done!
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[19:00:30] <electronic_eel> Tsvetan: thank you very much