IRC #olimex 2021-10-06

[18:40:24] <massi> I was looking at the S3-Olinuxino_Rev_A ,i'm wondering if there's something wrong with the EN pin on U6? That pin it's pull-down by 10K and ont
[18:41:12] <massi> on the otherside it's connected to N_VBUSEN on AXP-209 which should be an input as reported on it's Datasheet
[18:55:24] <abetusk> Does anyone know how many A20, A13 and/or A64 boards Olimex actually has in stock? Is Olimex feeling the chip shortage like everyone else?
[20:27:26] <adjtm_> abetusk, you should ask Olimex for that, but let me have fun and guess...
[20:28:57] <adjtm_> A10: It's discontinued and Olimex buys from Allwinner production runs for them. Olimex probably doesn't sell many A10 boards and they have large stock of SOCs. They even continue selling the A10 ICs.
[20:29:29] <ghane>
[20:29:35] <adjtm_> A13: More or less the same as A10
[20:31:03] <adjtm_> A20: Olimex sells a lot of A20 boards and they stopped selling A20 ICs in the web. So they probably have enough stock of ICs but are somewhat worried
[20:32:07] <adjtm_> A64: is still used in recent designs. Olimex also stopped selling A64 ICs as components
[20:32:50] <adjtm_> so my guess is that they are not worried about A10 and A13 and somewhat worried about A20 and A64
[20:32:53] <adjtm_> :)
[20:33:46] <adjtm_> but the IC shortage probably affects other ICs and components like DRAM, flash, power regulators etc.
[20:36:12] <adjtm_> I was surprised that Olimex started selling stm32mp1 boards, so they got some stock. They didn't announced the stm32mp1 lime2 version in the blog, so are not expecting producing a lot of boards?
[21:15:54] <electronic_eel> adjtm_: from what Tsvetan posted here in the channel it looks like there is still some work left to do before properly announcing the stm32mp1. that is at least updating the schematics and some firmware issues with the graphics output. probably also updating the product page, writing the blog post and other small issues like that.
[21:17:05] <electronic_eel> but they are available to buy and also ship. i got mine a few days ago. now waiting for the schematics to be updated that i can create some addon boards
[21:20:45] <adjtm_> electronic_eel, smt32mp1 is quite new and there are very few devices yet
[21:21:01] <adjtm_> stm32mp1 looks design specifically for lime2 :)