IRC #olimex 2021-09-29

[17:37:07] <Tsvetan> mps olimex do not wants 40 euros more for sure :))) anyone can buy TERES from our web and price is visible and didn't change since the launch of the product. As far I understand you are in Serbia, there are import taxes for Comet Serbia to pay in order to import your laptop and I guess these extra 40 euro cover exactly this.
[17:37:22] <Tsvetan> comet is distributor nor representative
[17:37:32] <Tsvetan> they work for profit
[17:39:56] <Tsvetan> jonas LOL ask youself why here in the Balkans the number of vacinated people is less 20% but in Denmark 90%. Because you guys believe of your authorities, but here in the Balkans people have been lied for over 80 years and no one believe when someone tell him - vaccines are good for your health. The start asking - hmm somebody probably makes good money and this is why they push me to vaccinate. Although they don't have to pay anything and it's for their
[17:39:56] <Tsvetan> good
[17:40:13] <jonas> :-)
[17:40:46] <Tsvetan> so I understand mps mindset very well :)
[17:41:38] <jonas> I don't trust *everyone* with *everything* but I do trust *some* with *something* - and I think we all do (to varying degrees, obviously!)
[17:42:40] <Tsvetan> jonas but at least you do not have any restrictions now, right? here we prepare for the next lockdown from october 15th
[17:43:22] <Tsvetan> I check and in Denmark there are only 400 people with covid per day and around 2 die per day, here the number of deads is 4% from all covid cases
[17:44:10] <Tsvetan> because nobody vacinates, believe in fancy conspiration theories, and do not wear mask as this limits his freedom
[17:44:16] <jonas> there is certainly differences - and Denmark has better coverage indeed
[17:44:28] <Tsvetan> then when they catch covid stay in house as they do not believe the doctors
[17:44:48] <Tsvetan> until they can't breath and go to the hospital just to die few days later
[17:45:03] <Tsvetan> this is the Balkan skepticism in practice
[17:45:56] <jonas> multiple reasons - lack of vaccinations obviously a factor, but probably also plays a role that in Denmark hospital visits are free of charge, which means more people have experience with hospitals which means there is less scepticisms towards them
[17:46:04] <Tsvetan> some people name it plaini stupidity
[17:46:34] <jonas> stupidity is a factor in this covid19 epidemic for sure - everywhere, also in Denmark
[17:54:47] <jonas> speaking of balkan, I recently saw a recommendable TV series involving (but not from) balkan:
[17:55:43] <jonas> only recommendable movie _from_ balkan that I recall is,_White_Cat
[17:55:56] <jonas> I'd love other recommendations...
[17:57:01] <mps> Tsvetan: you very fine explained our mentality :)
[17:57:16] <Tsvetan> mps :)
[17:57:55] <mps> 'health is proportionally good to the distance of the doctor'
[17:58:41] <mps> Tsvetan: thanks for 'confirming' that Olimex didn't asked for extra money
[17:59:31] <mps> and I think it is not related to import taxes because comet asked extra only for teres and not for two A64-lime2 boards
[17:59:52] <braunr> mps: it could be related to weight
[18:00:00] <braunr> i had the same issue with a chromebook
[18:00:09] <braunr> weight or dimensions
[18:00:38] <mps> braunr: no, I doubt, they explicitly wrote that Olimex raised price
[18:01:05] <braunr> which would be plain lying in that case
[18:01:07] <Tsvetan> mps here in Bulgaria we have Rhodopa mountain. Very beautiful mountain but with not much developed industry so only old people left in the villages, often there is no doctor in the near 50-60 km/ I watched on the TV how one old lady was explained how they heal themself. She opened an shelf with glasses. All of them were with base RAKIA and some herbs. One glass for head aches, one glass for stomach aches, etc.
[18:01:22] <Tsvetan> People in Rhodopa mountain often live over 90-95 years
[18:02:06] <mps> Tsvetan: hey, I make same things, rakia with herbs
[18:02:13] <Tsvetan> :)
[18:02:20] <Tsvetan> best medicine
[18:03:03] <mps> I'm over 60 years old, last time I visited doctor was about 20 years ago, but this was just to make check driving license
[18:03:28] <jonas> ACTION lives on a small island - in case of emergency I have a delay of an hour to get to the mainland for treatment. Not same as living in the mountains, I imagine (and no, we have not developed custom herb medicine on our island), but I can somewhat relate to it
[18:04:23] <mps> and I'm healthy, even don't wear glasses though I work behind screen last 38 years and more than 10 hours nearly every day
[18:05:25] <mps> Tsvetan: my daughter and son were few times in Bulgaria on winters, skiing
[18:06:35] <mps> braunr: yes, they lying probably, simply to put
[18:07:36] <mps> jonas: we (Balkan people/nations) learned through history to don't trust any authorities because our history was 'harsh'
[18:09:29] <mps> Rhodopa and Dinara are very same, just different part have different names
[18:09:59] <jonas> yeah, we are centuries away from being a warzone in Denmark - I can only begin to vaguely imagine...
[18:10:00] <mps> so called 'Catena mundi' in ancient times
[18:10:43] <mps> especially on islands, I guess ;)
[18:11:42] <mps> Tsvetan: describing Rhodopa you actually described our part of this mountain chain
[18:11:51] <mps> same is here
[18:13:13] <mps> actually, I 'learned' Bulgarian one night in restaurant with some people from Bulgaria (which becomes my friends)
[18:14:35] <mps> when I was in school my history professor was Bulgarian girl who 'escaped' form the then communist government
[18:14:50] <mps> s/form/from/