IRC #olimex 2021-09-14

[14:51:05] <adjtm> mps, every armv8 (64 bit) cpu until now support armv7 (32 bit) instructions
[14:51:32] <adjtm> only just recently announced cpu from arm don't support armv7
[14:52:14] <adjtm> a53 and a57 are the first armv8 arm's designs
[14:53:53] <adjtm> in fact, afaik chromium has been using 32 bit arm code on 64 bit android
[15:33:54] <mps> adjtm: yes, like this but I'm not sure about details
[15:34:13] <mps> I tested this on a53 and a57
[15:37:11] <mps> also, looks like that works on Neoverse-N1