IRC #olimex 2021-09-13

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[09:02:47] <luser978> Is it always this quiet on here?
[10:30:53] <diego71> yes, you can have a few day of silence on this channel
[16:50:03] <mps> anyone of you use teres notebook as 'daily driver', i.e. workstation
[16:50:50] <mps> I read it has 'anti glare' screen, which is good thing
[19:42:47] <tid> hi... is the TERES laptop able to run KODI ?
[19:43:29] <tid> i feel silly asking .. actually..but i can't wait to dive into this stuff.
[20:10:34] <mps> I wonder how firefox runs on it
[20:10:51] <mps> 2GB ram is not much
[20:13:29] <mps> and what GPU it has? mali 400?
[21:01:52] <tid> okay i'm back -- i dont' know if anyone responded.. sorry for the disconnections
[21:03:13] <tid> also... will the TERES run the KiCAD ? -- and do you think it might work with this touchscreen:
[21:03:31] <tid> thank you guys.. i cna't wait to start working with this.
[21:33:43] <mps> tid: kicad maybe would work but without gpu driver it will be slow
[21:35:03] <mps> I tried on arm64 with 4GB ram but without gpu driver and it is practically unusable
[21:35:41] <tid> `mps, thank you. is there an olimex board that would?
[21:36:03] <tid> and exucse my ignorance.. but does KODI need gpu?
[21:36:21] <tid> i want to build two systems.. one for me and one for my kid
[21:41:19] <mps> well, if some of arm64 boards have supported gpu driver then maybe
[21:42:27] <mps> and I don't know anything about kodi, but read somewhere that some runs it on arm32 with 1GB ram, so maybe it works fine on teres or lime2 (a64)
[21:44:24] <tid> cool. i will look at lime2 also. thank you for the information.
[21:47:53] <bill-auger> IMHO, any program that needs 2 GB RAM should be met with heavy skepticism - it is a reason to avoid that software perhaps, but not a reason to avoid computers with 1-2 GB RAM
[21:48:36] <mps> I decided to buy two lime2 (a64) and contemplating to buy TERES to test is it usable as workstation, pity it doesn't have 4GB ram at least
[21:49:44] <mps> maybe zramswap could help to some degree
[21:52:46] <tid> i just learned abotu this world.. hah.. so here i am reading that the Olinuxino A20 Lime2 has a GPU on it -- Mali-400MP2 ... would this be better?
[21:53:26] <bill-auger> IIRC the teres set has the same GPU
[21:56:04] <mps> does lima driver works?
[21:56:26] <bill-auger> if that is the libre driver, yes
[21:56:34] <mps> also I think A64 has mali-400MP2
[21:56:49] <mps> lima driver in kernel mainline
[21:57:45] <mps> I have one bananapi (A20) and I think it also has mali-400 but didn't tested it
[21:59:08] <jonas> mps free GPU drivers work for A64 - as I have confirmed repeatedly in recent weeks in this channel
[21:59:40] <mps> jonas: you mean this one in kernel mainline tree?
[21:59:51] <bill-auger> parabola can run on the lime2, so that demonstrates that it needs no blobs - also the freedombox system is a debian main-only blend
[22:00:43] <bill-auger> ie: so even de-blobbed kernels support that GPU, OOTB
[22:00:48] <jonas> I mean the one in mainline kernel, combined with some userspace parts in Mesa and some in libsrm (as I recall - might be more/others involved as well)
[22:01:25] <mps> jonas: good, thanks for info. so it is worth to try it
[22:01:29] <jonas> *libdrm
[22:03:01] <mps> mesa-dri-gallium have
[22:04:53] <jonas> the other userspace half is libdrm2
[22:05:16] <jonas> ...or that's the Debian package name - this:
[22:08:01] <mps> hmm, I don't know is the drm related to gpu (but I don't know much about graphic systems)
[22:09:11] <mps> jonas: iirc you told you use teres? is it usable as workstation?
[22:10:13] <mps> actually does firefox works, well acceptably
[22:10:35] <jonas> well, it is slow compared to a modern Intel laptop with NVMe and 32 GiBi RAM, but it is usable
[22:10:48] <jonas> Firefox is slow but usable
[22:11:46] <jonas> I wouldn't run Firefox with 1300 tabs as I do on my beefy laptop ;-)
[22:11:50] <mps> well, my wife runs firefox on arm32 chromebook with 4GB ram and it works fine
[22:12:11] <mps> I have 10-15 tabs max
[22:12:55] <jonas> 32bit ARM apps generally consume less memory than 64bit ones, and as you know there is only 2GiBi RAM on the TERES-I
[22:13:14] <mps> yes, I know these things
[22:13:42] <mps> actually I thought to run 32bit userspace on A64
[22:13:55] <jonas> interesting!
[22:14:15] <mps> not sure will that work on A64
[22:14:18] <jonas> I have no experience with that, but would like to try at some point
[22:14:58] <mps> it depends on cpu support
[22:15:40] <mps> iirc a57 support this but not sure for a53
[22:15:53] <mps> or vice versa