IRC #olimex 2021-09-11

[13:37:11] <mps> what type are these gpio (etc) connectors on A20-OLinuXino-LIME2 ( can't conclude from the picture and can't find in docs
[13:42:39] <jonas> mps: maybe this is what you are looking for?:
[13:43:11] <mps> jonas: yes, looked but wasn't sure
[13:43:23] <mps> now I found what they are
[13:43:37] <mps>
[13:44:39] <mps> fine, now I nearly finished my selection of 3 boards to buy and test (maybe 4 even)
[13:45:22] <mps> olimex will soon run alpine linux, I hope ;)
[14:30:32] <jonas> :-)