IRC #olimex 2021-09-10

[14:00:38] <mps> in my firefox enlarged images are overlayed with a lot of blue buttons (left or right ones)
[14:00:45] <mps> looks ugly
[14:01:55] <mps> yes, I have umatrix plugin which blocks twitter and fakebook
[14:05:33] <jonas1> mps: am I missing some context or did you post to the wrong channel? This is about Olimex hardware, not sure how that relates to Firefox button colors
[14:06:34] <mps> jonas1: enlarged images on olimex site, I mean
[14:07:54] <mps> when I click on board images to see them enlarged
[15:59:34] <adjtm_> mps, it renders fine for me with firefox 78.13.0
[16:02:50] <mps> adjtm_: I use ff 90.0.2
[16:07:14] <mps>
[16:38:43] <ghane> looks correct in my ff 91.0.2 too
[16:41:32] <adjtm_> mps, probably umatrix or any other js blocking extension (like gnu extension that blocks non-free js)
[16:43:36] <mps> so, fakebook or twitter
[16:43:58] <mps> why would any web server keep JS on any of these
[16:44:16] <mps> s/keep/use/
[16:45:02] <adjtm_> isn't that plugin for removing links for sharing on facebook and twitter?
[16:45:51] <adjtm_> it's probably wrongly removing something in the high resolution board images js
[16:46:25] <mps> no, it is not, I enabled them temporary and still result is same
[16:46:52] <adjtm_> did you disabled it?
[16:47:01] <adjtm_> the extension
[16:47:09] <mps> no
[16:47:27] <mps> I don't have such problems with any other web site
[16:47:31] <adjtm_> not just "enable" social media links in the extension, disable the extension and see if it fixes it
[16:47:56] <mps> well, no. it is unimportant for me
[16:48:15] <adjtm_> you can disable it, check, and enable it again
[16:48:15] <mps> just wanted to inform olimex about this
[16:49:08] <adjtm_> every web is different, that kind of extension guesses what's needed to be removed and can screw things
[16:49:56] <adjtm_> mps, informing olimex that your extension screws webs?
[16:50:31] <adjtm_> :)
[16:50:38] <mps> hm
[16:52:07] <adjtm_> the extension alters the web page content, to report a problem with the web would require not modifying the original web
[16:52:42] <adjtm_> and by the way, this is not an official support channel, don't expect olimex reading everything is written here
[16:55:31] <adjtm_> mps, it could help to inform the extension developers, so they can fix the extension
[16:58:03] <mps> adjtm_: thanks for info, but I'm not interested to waste time on such unimportant 'issue' for me
[16:59:01] <mps> I'm just trying to select few board to buy and test them
[19:29:21] <diego71> have anyone tried to use gpio port with gpiod on allwinner a13 board?