IRC #olimex 2021-09-09

[12:51:53] <mps> as I see only board with 2GB of RAM is A64-OLinuXino (ind. variant)? all other are with 1GB (or less)
[13:55:47] <jonas2> mps: yes
[14:01:38] <mps> hmm, pity. I need board with 2GB ram (at least) and wifi, can't select any of these to fulfill my needs
[14:46:27] <jonas2> mps: for lesser open board designs with fancier features, you might find this list helpful:
[14:49:27] <mps> jonas2: thanks, but I want olimex boards
[14:49:37] <jonas2> if instead you want open board designs with fancier features and care less about price, your best option is probably Turris Omnia:
[14:50:16] <jonas2> ah, if what you want is Olimex boards that does not exist yet, then you either need to wait or rent a time machine
[14:50:46] <mps> yes, I know turris but for now don't need them (I don't have time for them) though would be nice to run alpine linux on it
[14:51:22] <mps> how much cost your time machine? maybe we can talk about that idea ;)
[14:51:34] <jonas2> it is expensive
[14:52:19] <mps> I have one, though doesn't still work in 'material' world, just in spiritual :)
[14:52:19] <jonas2> you'd need to sell your soul...
[14:53:13] <mps> ah, you are mephistofeles acctually? but I'm not dr. Faust
[14:53:15] <jonas2> for shorter trips, you can instead sell the soul of your unborn child
[14:53:48] <jonas2> names are not important to me
[14:54:01] <jonas2> there are so many...
[14:54:45] <mps> well, you don't have luck with me. I actually know that time doesn't exists, so your (or any other) time machine doesn't work
[15:54:45] <adjtm_> mps, I only own a rpi 1 and olimex boards, so I can't recommend other boards
[15:54:53] <adjtm_> for wifi you can use a usb wifi dongle
[16:05:42] <mps> adjtm_: I don't have much luck with usb dongles to make them work in access point mode
[16:06:02] <mps> if you know for good one/s please tell me
[21:03:56] <adjtm_> mps, do you need 5GHz wifi or is 2.4GHz enough?
[21:05:46] <mps> 2.4 is enough
[21:08:14] <adjtm_> Atheros AR9271 based dongles used to be very good supported without non-free firmware
[21:08:58] <adjtm_> the ath9k_htc driver supports monitor mode, package injection and can work as access point
[21:09:51] <adjtm_> some Alfa dongle with ar9271 was well liked
[21:10:26] <adjtm_> but I recommend to check armbian forums for dongle support for your specific board and access point configuration
[21:12:10] <adjtm_> I had a TP-Link N150 TL-WN722N but be carefull, tp-link changes internals (even the chipset itself) without changing the model name
[21:13:59] <mps> heh, coincidence, I have also TL-WN722N
[21:14:56] <mps> I'm waiting new kernel 5.15-rc1 on monday to test it again. It got merged new driver in kernel driver
[21:15:01] <adjtm_> that should work as access point, if I remember correctly
[21:15:32] <mps> with patched hostapd afaik