IRC #olimex 2021-09-05

[22:33:40] <banshi> hello all
[22:34:43] <banshi> is it possible to increase RAM of TERES-A64 ?
[23:17:44] <banshi> and does TERES-I work with linux-libre with 3d hardware acceleration?
[23:18:38] <banshi> leave me message coz I'm not connected all the time
[23:18:47] <banshi> please
[23:26:20] <adjtm> banshi, I think that Asara or jonas2 have a teres
[23:26:43] <adjtm> I think that it has 3d acceleration with linux-libre
[23:27:11] <adjtm> but be aware that Mali 400 is an OpenGL 2 and OpenGLES 2 GPU
[23:28:05] <adjtm> there are some OpenGL 3 and OpenGLES 3 extensions supported by the open source driver (Lima), but it's mostly a pre-OpenGL 3 GPU
[23:54:50] <banshi> adjtm: thank you