IRC #olimex 2021-07-18

[21:36:01] <user___> .
[21:37:22] <user___> Hello. I am new here. I'm in .ro and I would like to know if you have any low cost AR9331 or related product. The search on your site did not yield answers. Anything able to run openwrt or other embedded linux would be nice. I'll be back here tomorrow and during the week too. Thanks.
[21:42:55] <jonas1> hi user___: this Olimex board should work fine with OpenWRT:
[21:44:38] <jonas1> maybe simpler to go the other way and lookup OpenWRT for which Olimex hardware they support:*%7E%5D=olimex
[21:46:32] <jonas1> if you don't know exactly what you want, but just want something that you can explore with OpenWRT and other linux environments, then I recommend that you buy the A20-OLinuXino-LIME2 - it is arguably the most versatile and most allround usable board from Olimex
[21:49:03] <user___> Thanks, I will look at it.
[21:49:26] <user___> Also, I'll be back here, I discovered this channel via Olimex website just now.
[21:53:42] <jonas1> ACTION is just a regular user - not Olimex employee
[21:55:51] <user___> Thanks anyway.