IRC #olimex 2021-06-07

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[07:09:35] <tuxd3v> hello guys,
[07:09:46] <tuxd3v> when tukhla will come to the market?
[07:10:00] <tuxd3v> have you considered a laptop based version?
[08:28:37] <Tsvetan> tucd3v probably next year now the SOC is not available
[08:32:46] <Tsvetan> markvand2nborre seems like MOD-IO
[10:41:27] <markvand2nborre> Tsvetan: maybe I'm missing something (I'm certainly not experienced at all in this area)
[10:41:56] <markvand2nborre> but I'm looking for something that is esphome compatible
[10:42:45] <markvand2nborre> that's why I'm looking at using just a simple i2c chip based thingie
[10:43:06] <markvand2nborre> mod-io seems to be super well documented indeed
[10:43:41] <markvand2nborre> enough so that I could theoretically write esphome support for it myself
[10:44:01] <markvand2nborre> but that does constitute somewhat of a hurdle I'm trying to avoid...
[14:02:49] <Tsvetan> markvand2nborre the board on the link above is dummy board with GPIO I2C externder, pretty sure it will not run esphome at all
[14:03:29] <Tsvetan> you will need ESP8266 to run esphome, and we have MOD-WIFI-ESP8266-DEV board which has UEXT connector and will plug directly in MOD-IO
[14:04:12] <markvandenborre> as I understood it, the gpio i2c extender chip on that board (MCP23017) is supported by esphome
[14:04:41] <markvandenborre> so it _should_ be possible to use the relays attached to it transparently from esphome
[14:05:01] <markvandenborre> but again, that's my very very limited understanding as a complete novice
[14:07:00] <markvandenborre> so in my understanding, the Olimex esp32 gateway should be able to trigger the relays on that board through the i2c expander almost transparently from an end-user point of view?
[14:07:55] <markvandenborre> again, this is a very humble and possibly extremely stupid remark of mine, but that's how I understand things right now
[14:49:38] <Tsvetan> I have not used esphome but I will check and let you know, anyway the board in the above link has less features than MOD-IO where you have not only relays but also digital and analog inputs
[16:25:35] <markvandenborre> Tsvetan: I do realise that
[16:25:54] <markvandenborre> I'd go with that one if I'd not be in over my head already
[16:26:19] <markvandenborre> by choosing to go with esphome automation for our countryside place
[16:26:43] <markvandenborre> I have a significant other to keep happy within certain time limits
[16:29:03] <markvandenborre> I just have to keep the scope of the project in mind; digging into C(++), arduino and more is a bit overkill for what I'm trying to achieve here