IRC #olimex 2021-06-01

[08:54:07] <Tsvetan> asking question at 22:49 o'clock, 10 minutes no answer and quit, definitely first time here :)
[08:59:58] <markvandenborre> any limits to how many relays I can drive from in terms of power budget?
[09:00:25] <markvandenborre> and what would be the recommended way to mount this stuff on a din rail?
[09:01:57] <markvandenborre> I realise these are really newbie level questions, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask :-)
[09:05:36] <jonas_s> Tsvetan: ^^
[11:11:28] <markvandenborre> I want to install an ESP32 board with ethernet on a din rail actually in my central electric box; plenty of power there, might be wiser to use an ESP32-GATEWAY instead
[11:11:31] <markvandenborre> opinions welcome
[11:42:31] <markvandenborre> has anyone played around with esphome and mod-io?
[12:09:43] <jonas_s> markvandenborre: sorry, I am mostly into the LIME2 and ARM64 and TERES1 products
[12:30:04] <markvandenborre> jonas_s: no worries
[13:08:48] <plaes> o/ :)
[13:09:17] <plaes> We recently received a batch of Olinuxino Lime2 labelled as rev. I (or I3 on box)
[13:11:29] <plaes> unfortunately I can't see anything here:
[13:11:58] <plaes> (and I don't have physical access to boards atm), just trying to debug the networking issue remotely
[13:37:38] <plaes> qr-code from box states following: [)>�06�1P0000095166�Q1�10D2109�1TP14911�4LBG�2PI3��
[13:44:13] <plaes> haha.. seems like they bought Lime boards
[13:46:13] <diego71> plaes: try forcing 100Mbit connection
[13:47:29] <plaes> diego71: figured out the issue - wrong boards were bought :(
[15:29:00] <Tsvetan> markvandenborre from the board web page FAQ section: "
[15:29:00] <Tsvetan> I power the board from the Ethernet connector. What current do I have availabe for additional circuits?
[15:29:00] <Tsvetan> The isolated DCDC that we use provides up to 2W, this means 400mA @ 5V, 100mA are reserved for the battery charge (available if no battery is connected) and 100mA are provided for ESP32, which leaves up to 200mA @ 5V for your additional circuit.
[15:29:00] <Tsvetan> "
[15:29:28] <Tsvetan> overall bad idea to power relays from PoE
[15:30:23] <Tsvetan> use MOD-IO with external power and you can stack many just change their address so they answer to different I2C addresses
[15:30:55] <Tsvetan> if I remember correctly up to 32 MOD-IOs can be stacked together actually this is limitation of the I2C address space
[15:45:10] <Tsvetan> ESP32-POE-ISO is OK to be used to connect sensors, RFID readers, small LCDs etc, not heavy consuming peripherals
[18:21:25] <markvandenborre> Tsvetan: thanks for the hint
[18:22:16] <markvandenborre> I'm just hoping to use some Olimex/ESP32 board with esphome
[18:22:25] <markvandenborre> mod-io seems to be less trivial in that regard
[18:22:44] <markvandenborre> not impossible, but might require some more hackery than just yaml...
[18:22:52] <markvandenborre> ...unless I'm mistaken about that one
[20:43:03] <antto> Tsvetan, what's up here? do you have a link/page that clearly shows the new location of the channel?
[21:26:19] <antto> okay, i found one ;]
[22:16:26] <lavaball> i'm thinking about connecting a usb nic to the iMX233-OLinuXino-MAXI and use it as router. anyone tried that before?
[22:16:55] <lavaball> only 100mbit of course, becuase it only has usb 2.0. that's enough for where i live though.
[22:49:43] <diego71> lavaball: why not a ?
[22:56:17] <lavaball> hello, baby!
[22:56:23] <lavaball> what processor though?
[22:58:55] <diego71> rt5350f, it's a mips (like a lot of home router)
[22:59:07] <diego71> it runs openwrt
[22:59:08] <lavaball> is that also open source hardware like the imx233?
[22:59:15] <lavaball> that's what i'm interested in.
[22:59:19] <diego71> so it says :P
[22:59:33] <diego71> and have 2 ethernet port
[22:59:37] <diego71> and wifi
[23:00:16] <lavaball> i could do without the wifi.
[23:00:18] <lavaball> anyway.
[23:00:37] <lavaball> arch as well or only openwrt?
[23:00:43] <lavaball> openbsd would be even better.
[23:00:46] <diego71> its only drawback 32Mb instead of 64b
[23:00:48] <lavaball> also thanks for telling me these things.
[23:00:51] <diego71> *Mb
[23:01:10] <lavaball> i know they are probably listed somewhere. so i appreciate not having to look them up.
[23:01:25] <diego71>
[23:01:28] <lavaball> doe that matter though? it's only 100mbit. i'm sure the 32mbit are fine, aren't they?
[23:01:48] <diego71>
[23:01:52] <lavaball> i've seen that one. but that's the imx233, not the one you just pasted.
[23:01:53] <lavaball> oh.
[23:01:56] <lavaball> there we go.
[23:02:30] <diego71> I tried with openwrt and it works fine, dispite the warnings
[23:02:32] <lavaball> openwrt support ends for that device.
[23:02:40] <lavaball> i'm not gonna use openwrt anyway.
[23:03:52] <diego71> openwrt it was made for be used on device with limited ram / storage
[23:04:15] <diego71> what are you going to use?
[23:06:05] <lavaball> i read arch works on the imx233.
[23:06:13] <lavaball> but as i said i would prefer openbsd.
[23:06:33] <diego71> it works with 64Mb of ram?
[23:08:13] <diego71> ... meanwhile i'm going to sleep, cu
[23:09:06] <lavaball> thanks for your help.
[23:09:08] <lavaball> sleep well.
[23:10:33] <diego71> thx, i don't it works on imx233:
[23:10:48] <diego71> maybe on a lime2 ...
[23:41:56] <binutzu> Hi
[23:44:27] <binutzu> being quite a noob on embedded topics, i am kind of lost with my new homeserver lime2
[23:45:36] <binutzu> i wrote A20-OLinuXino-buster-minimal-20210513-112230.img to the SD card and i get a continous boot loop.
[23:47:29] <binutzu> if i stop the boot by pressing a key and wait a bit then enter "boot" it boots once and resize the partition and looks fine
[23:48:09] <binutzu> but after clean reboot i cannot make it boot the kernel again :-(
[23:53:45] <binutzu> i would be thankful for any hints on what else to try. I managed to get the serial console logs but after "Booting using the fdt blob at 0x4fa00000" follows "data abort" and then reset