IRC #olimex 2021-04-08

[15:59:16] <slapin> hi, all!
[16:01:06] <slapin> it looks like I can't buy DIY laptop as whole, so I have to buy in parts, is the parts list in the shop complete and will give me the same laptop or are there any other options available?
[16:50:29] <jo0nas> slapin: why can't you buy the whole set? It is more expensive to buy as separate pieces
[16:51:07] <jo0nas> if you mean you cannot buy it as pre-built, then yes: That is the meaning of "DIY": "Do It Yourself" :-)
[16:52:52] <jo0nas> the DIY laptop set contains all pieces for a fully functioning laptop - but you need to put together those pieces yourself
[16:53:48] <jo0nas> ACTION has pieced together several DIY laptop sets
[17:02:56] <slapin> jo0nas: shop says I'm limited to 200 and the full kit price is 240
[17:03:23] <slapin> jo0nas: I'm fine with DIY
[17:22:39] <jo0nas> oh - that sounds like a question for Tsvetan