IRC #olimex 2021-03-31

[10:45:36] <leon-anavi> morning
[11:12:02] <jo0nas> leon-anavi: for your information, I have now told my irc client to ignore messages from you - because you seemingly have configured your client with an auto-greeting
[11:12:06] <jo0nas> I am telling you because I would prefer to not miss any of your non-automated messages and I therefore hope that you will consider dropping that automated message
[11:32:54] <bill-auger> jo0nas: it does not appear to be automated - i see the greetings dispersed between a range of 1 to 20 munutes after login
[11:33:48] <bill-auger> i think some people just feel the need to notify the channel of their presence, perhaps to spark a discussion
[11:36:17] <bill-auger> when i see people do that, i usually consider it as a noob sign; and explain that "hi" and "hello" usually do not receive responses on IRC - because IRC is generally not like "chatting rooms"
[11:37:12] <bill-auger> and that the best way to spark a discussion is to type an interesting questins or remark
[11:37:37] <bill-auger> in fact, our bot explains that for me now, so i dont need to
[11:38:55] <bill-auger> whenever someone types only "hi" or "hello", the bot auto-responds:
[11:39:03] <bill-auger> Hello lukeshu! Is something on your mind? Feel free to comment or ask a question at any time. Be patient if no one responds immediately. That is quite normal on the IRC. Many people will read your message when they can, and perhaps reply, if you are still in the channel.
[11:44:27] <bill-auger> many people new to IRC, expect it to be chatty "chatting rooms", and if no one responds to "hello", they are often discouraged like: "oh, this channel is dead" - but that is usually not true
[11:48:49] <bill-auger> its just that people are generally not on IRC for chatting - most people never sign in or out; but stay signed into IRC channels 24/7, and read the chat every few hours or so, during breaks while do other interesting things
[11:52:52] <bill-auger> leon-anavi: in case you were not aware of all that ^ - try not to be discouraged if no one responds to "hello" - most often no one will
[12:04:24] <jo0nas> thanks for the insight, bill-auger - I thought similarly at first, but it has been going on for quite some time now
[12:29:32] <bill-auger> probably because no one took the time to explain the norms to that person - its very common
[12:30:12] <bill-auger> i have admin'ed many channels; and i have kept some similar prepared snippet like the one above ready-to-paste, for about 10 years, as an effort to catch people before they become discouraged
[13:16:15] <jo0nas> makes sense. I hope my approach makes sense too: my intent was certainly not to push leon-anavi away, on the contrary to make aware of the negative consequence of posting a lonely greeting every day
[13:22:52] <leon-anavi> jo0nas, I am old fashioned and I just say hi when I visit a channel that I care about :)
[13:23:27] <leon-anavi> it is awkward how social distancing is leading to a problem when someone says hi :)
[15:15:24] <kveremitz> bill-auger: +1
[15:15:59] <kveremitz> its a grim balance to make, esp. from an op/moderator point-of-view
[15:16:22] <kveremitz> but there's merit in making some effort - automated responses to a semi-automatic greeting seems a neat solution imo
[15:21:35] <bill-auger> leon-anavi: it is not a problem, and it is not new -i have been giving that lecture for 10 years
[15:25:46] <bill-auger> saying hello is not a problem in any channel - but it is simply not necessary - this is not a physical "room" - no one needs to introduce themselves nor offer excuses for leaving
[15:27:52] <bill-auger> the only "problem" is that some people may be discouraged and leave the channel, if no one replies immediately to "hello" - normal behavior on the internet, is to simple jump in to any converstaion anywhere any time, unannounced and uninvited, and to withdraw from the conversation at any time, with no warning
[15:29:02] <bill-auger> that behavior could be considered as rude IRL; but the internet is not like that
[15:33:51] <leon-anavi> guys I'll complain to my neighbors from Olimex that this channel is becoming awkward :)
[15:35:44] <bill-auger> nothing about that was unique to this channel - it is the well-known norm, and has been for 30 years
[16:22:45] <kveremitz> we already have join/leave notifications...
[17:27:38] <adjtm_> jo0nas, I'm very when leon-anavi says hi
[17:27:53] <adjtm_> I don't think it's an automated message
[17:28:05] <adjtm_> I'm very happy, I meant
[19:43:51] <jo0nas> adjtm_: makes good sense that what you are happy about is net perceived by you as automated messages :-)
[19:44:36] <jo0nas> for the record, I am *not* saying that greetings are bad and I want them gone
[19:46:01] <jo0nas> my point is that greetings done so routine that they are perceived as potentially automated have the adverse effect of lowering attention - which also affects other messages from that same person
[19:50:13] <jo0nas> or rephrased: I am *not* complaining but concerned and genuinely interested in what people have to say - and _therefore_ I point out that some utterings are perceived as noise when done repeatedly