IRC #olimex 2021-02-08

[12:40:48] <cardpuncher> Tsvetan, I received a couple of days ago my LIME2-SERVER that I now happily use as a Freedombox, thanks a lot for taking care of my order. Btw, the Turkish customs were very curious about what it was, I had to fill out a form explaining and so on :)
[12:45:11] <cardpuncher> Also I had ordered and paid for a 320 Gb hard disk as well, and lsblk shows sda is a 1000 Gb one. Do I owe anything to Olimex? I wouldn't like to cause you any loss.
[13:01:14] <jo0nas> cardpuncher: did you format the disk before examining its size? Maybe a bogus partition table + filesystem is put on the disk..
[13:01:32] <jo0nas> ACTION is not affiliated with Olimex, just a fan
[13:07:19] <cardpuncher> jo0nas, yes, I formatted the disk in ext4 and mounted it. Now it holds 60 Gb of files that I'm sharing on P2P networks.
[13:09:04] <cardpuncher> As a side question I'm using gtk-gnutella in headless mode to share files, and it switched to ultrapeer mode, consuming a lot of RAM while routing the queries for other peers. Is there a way to add RAM to the LIME2-SERVER?
[13:19:30] <jo0nas> nope - sorry
[13:21:18] <jo0nas> for a memory hungry system, I would suggest to instead use the OLinuXino A64 - but that's obviously not a great suggestion when you just received _another_ board :-/
[13:23:14] <jo0nas> a common limitation of cheap boards is that memory is limited - that's a limitation of the SoC, so memory chips being soldered on is just a consequence of that, not the cause of inflexibility
[13:24:14] <cardpuncher> OK, I see. Thanks for explaining.
[15:34:55] <Tsvetan> cardpuncher 320 and 500 GB went out of stock and our supplier do not offer them anymore, so I ordered your server to be complete with 1TB as it is not your fault :)
[15:35:55] <Tsvetan> so do not worry you have 1TB disk on your server, enjoy
[15:39:36] <cardpuncher> Thank you Tsvetan. That's exactly what I'm doing right now :)
[15:39:43] <braunr> :)
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