IRC #olimex 2021-01-03

[01:37:52] <hacktivista> Hello guys :)
[01:37:59] <hacktivista> I'm going to start a little business in Chile for providing 100% free software compantible hardware on the southamerican region
[01:38:42] <hacktivista> I'm going to be flashing some laptops with libreboot and coreboot... And I've been thinking that using olinuxino SBC instead of RPis or other more proprietary hardware would be great fit
[01:39:12] <hacktivista> Probably an A20 micro would be a better fit than LIMEs, just because of the size of the pins...
[01:39:22] <hacktivista> maybe other model is even better suited for the task?
[01:39:29] <hacktivista> do you have any experience on this? or any resource that serves me for guidance?
[02:14:52] <jo0nas> hacktivista: you mean experience in using Olimex boards as workstations, or more narrowly using Olimex boards for flashing libreboot/coreboot?
[02:17:30] <jo0nas> ACTION has no experience flashing libreboot/coreboot but installs pure Debian onto Olimex LIME2 boards and TERES-I laptops for use as workstations:
[03:56:54] <hacktivista> jo0nas: on using the board for flashing of course
[04:43:28] <jo0nas> sorry I am too stupid to understand what is obvious to you
[12:48:38] <diego71> hacktivista: you should check support for SPI in the olimex board
[12:50:14] <diego71> usually I use beagle bone for flashing firmware, but olimex board should be working too
[15:35:38] <hacktivista> jo0nas: what an interesting project u got there on
[16:31:07] <jo0nas> hacktivista: thanks! If you think that project might be helpful to yours, then please do tell how - e.g. if some specific tool is missing in Debian, or is in Debian but is cumbersome to configure so it would help to streamline the installation, or...
[22:57:01] <hacktivista> if anybody has experience on flashing firmware with olinuxino (specially coreboot/libreboot) plz leave me a message :)
[22:57:12] <hacktivista> I'll keep around here the whole week
[23:13:00] <jo0nas> hacktivista: I don't follow how that task is unique to Olimex (I do follow how it is relevant to use Olimex hardware, but for political more than technical reasons)
[23:13:58] <jo0nas> regardless, you might want to ask at mailinglists and
[23:42:21] <hacktivista> jo0nas: it's not unique to Olimex, but there are some issues that might present particularly on olimex hardware
[23:43:52] <hacktivista> that's why its relevant if someone has experience doing it... I'll be bouing a couple boards for the task and I want to be sure everything works previous to buying these
[23:44:03] <hacktivista> *buying
[23:54:56] <jo0nas> is it really specific to flashing those specific firmwares *and* specific to specific boards?
[23:57:18] <jo0nas> I mean, if it is general to *any* flashing via SPI interfaces and/or general to *any* board using sunxi A64 Soc and/or *any* board from Olimex using a cvertain pin layout, then you raise the chances of locating people with experience if you ask less narrowly