IRC #olimex 2020-05-07

[10:51:40] <tnovotny> Hi, is there anybody who did certification of Olimex A10 based product because of CE marking? I would like to know pitfalls if any.
[17:22:41] <Tsvetan> tnovotny we had to add shielding to pass CE to A20 LIME2 boards are similar so you may need to add such shielding too
[17:24:42] <tnovotny> Tsvetan: great, thanks, just checking the blog post
[17:32:40] <tnovotny> Tsvetan: BTW any chance to see test report (if any) of A10 (LIME)? Or someone else with it ;-)? I guess that A10 should be even safer in respect to emissions, but anyway.
[18:06:24] <Tsvetan> we didn't do testing on A10
[18:07:19] <Tsvetan> but you are right, the major noise emitter in LIME2 was the Gigabit Ethernet interface (the CE levels were good even without shielding if Ethernet is disabled), so A10 with Megabit Ethernet may not need shielding
[18:07:59] <Tsvetan> but if you want to stay safe and do not pay for two testings you may add the shielding from the start
[18:29:56] <tnovotny> yes, good point I've learned from the blog post. Thanks a lot.