IRC #olimex 2020-03-03

[15:25:20] <quite> i managed to installed armbian on the teres-i in the end, on the emmc.
[15:26:36] <quite> funny thing. brightness down/up keys (reached with Fn) actually generates xf86audiomicmute and xf86touchpadtoggle resp. know where to report that? jo0nas
[15:41:23] <jo0nas> quite: yes, I looked into that recently - let me dig out what I found, just a moment...
[15:47:05] <jo0nas> Add file /lib/udev/hwdb.d/70-keyboard.hwdb with this content:
[15:49:46] <jo0nas> it is documented in comments at top of file /lib/udev/hwdb.d/60-keyboard.hwdb
[15:54:22] <jo0nas> I've now filed a bug upstream for the above:
[16:02:44] <jo0nas> quite: if you are on Github and are ok pushing code changes there, then please consider helping get the above issue pushed by turning it into a pull-request
[16:03:06] <jo0nas> ...or anyone else following along here :-)
[16:11:11] <jo0nas> With above in place, you can install package brightnessctl and add file /lib/udev/rules.d/90-brightnessctl.rules with this content:
[16:11:54] <jo0nas> ...and brightness keys should work, even at the console login screen
[16:16:33] <diego71> or we can fix the keyboard firmware :)
[16:18:52] <jo0nas> diego71: yes, that would be awesome - and when doing so we should have the firmware signal that it is different so as to not clash with above!
[16:19:38] <jo0nas> ...for those able to buy and assemble a Teres-I but unable/unwilling to flash they keyboard firmware
[16:24:32] <diego71> I wonder who is wrong about that scancodes... the teres firmware or udev
[16:26:44] <jo0nas> the firmware, it seems to me
[16:29:03] <jo0nas> setting up backlight keys is now added to
[17:01:39] <quite> nice!
[17:02:52] <quite> i submitted a PR
[17:44:50] <jo0nas> thanks!