IRC #olimex 2020-02-27

[10:06:05] <quite> hi! i've tried installing debian on the teres-I using
[10:06:31] <quite> indeed screen goes black, but the "trick" of keeping installation media and removing when uboot menu appears did not work either.
[10:06:36] <quite> this has not been solved at all?
[10:24:55] <diego71> quite, I've used the serial port to go throug the installation
[10:25:31] <quite> what is the issue? i saw some missing *sun*.dtb flicker by...
[10:25:51] <quite> but i think also with the installer-media inserted...
[10:26:05] <quite> (but which didn't work anyway, as mentioned)
[10:26:19] <quite> i see...
[10:28:26] <jo0nas> quite: hi, I wrote parts of that wiki page - what seems to be the problem you experience (sorry, I didn't understand your initial message above)?
[10:30:09] <quite> jo0nas: i know, ehj borrowed me a teres :>
[10:30:36] <quite> just, screen goes black, as can be expected according to the wiki
[10:42:38] <jo0nas> quite: ah - greetings to ehj :-)
[10:43:16] <jo0nas> so what you do is install with debian-installer, and install onto same sd-card as also used with debian-installer?
[10:48:37] <quite> ah, no, installed to the internal emmc
[10:58:20] <jo0nas> oh - then I don't think the "blank screen" problem you are having is something already documented on the wiki page
[10:59:32] <jo0nas> ...but frankly I am not sure - I haven't experienced that problem myself - I prepare my installs ahead on another system
[10:59:58] <jo0nas> i.e. I create and use the images at
[11:01:15] <jo0nas> quite: which Debian did you install? stable, testing, or unstable?
[11:02:06] <jo0nas> I ask because I suspect there could be improvements for recent kernels used in testing/unstable
[11:07:47] <leon-anavi> hi
[11:10:17] <jo0nas> ah, correction:
[11:10:29] <jo0nas> even
[11:16:35] <quite> I only followed . The img url is down in /debian/dists/buster/main/installer-arm64/current/ (timestamped february 1st)
[11:17:19] <quite> The instructions indicate they are for installing on eMMC and i followed them slavishly :)
[11:17:50] <quite> jo0nas: the installs you make, are they for running on fixed emmc? or sdcards?
[11:18:36] <jo0nas> both - but there is a bug at the moment so it does not work to install onto eMMC
[11:18:52] <quite> i figure both. but it's hard to get things onto eMMC without tools...
[11:19:08] <quite> osx has this very useful thing called target disk mode. wow..
[11:19:22] <jo0nas> yeah
[11:19:22] <quite> (only read about it)
[11:19:42] <jo0nas> ah, I've used it - really nice UX design!
[11:20:14] <quite> anyway, point 5. of the above url is where i'm at. and blank screen, keeping install-media loaded until boot menu not working.
[11:20:18] <jo0nas> too bad Apple turned to the dark side
[11:20:22] <quite> mmh.
[11:20:57] <quite> it seems soo handy for all sorts of end-user machine management...
[11:21:05] <jo0nas> they've had a range of very clever designs - e.g. CalDAV/CardDAV and Zeroconf
[11:23:53] <jo0nas> "blank screen" can be many things
[11:24:06] <jo0nas> you really need serial console to debug that
[11:24:51] <jo0nas> (or rely on others to debug and refine routines for you)
[11:25:32] <jo0nas> beware also that it the system gets stock in u-boot, then keyboard is not working!
[11:26:27] <jo0nas> I passed a fix for that to u-boot, but it didn't get accepted
[11:27:29] <jo0nas> (I suspect reason it didn't get accepted was *not* because the fix is wrong, but because some misunderstood my fix and thought it was more invasive than it really is)
[11:28:54] <jo0nas> quite: if you don't have a serial cable for the TERES-I but are willing to compile a custom u-boot, applying my keyboard fix might get you further
[11:37:44] <quite> mmm. i'm afraid i don't have much time though. but, the blank-screen booting problem, as described on the wiki-page, is that bug tracked somewhere?
[11:38:10] <quite> it sounds like it is known, but perhaps i'm reading too much into it..
[11:45:43] <jo0nas> you are clinging onto a hope that whatever went wrong for someone else with a symptom of a black screen is same as you experience same symptoms for
[11:48:23] <jo0nas> the note about black screen was added 2 years ago:
[11:49:04] <jo0nas> I am sceptical that you are experiencing same bug now (except if what you tried was only Debian stable)
[11:49:05] <quite> naivité is my middle name
[11:49:41] <jo0nas> ah - it was!
[11:49:54] <jo0nas> just saw your post on that now
[11:50:15] <jo0nas> quite: please try install a testing/unstable image!
[11:51:03] <quite> erik said you're a stable-guy :)
[11:51:42] <quite> i will try that later; it's something i can do on the side of other things!
[11:52:55] <jo0nas> perhaps the image here: (linked from "Other images" at )
[11:54:45] <quite> not concatenating the firmware and partition couple from netboot/SD-card-images/ ?
[11:55:50] <jo0nas> apparently not - but I don't know for sure, I am not experienced with using official Debian installer with TERES-I
[11:57:39] <quite> well maybe i should try the concat method on testing/unstable images first
[11:59:58] <jo0nas> ACTION now followed up on the keyboard-in-uboot-fix patch conversation, after a 6 months pause:
[12:06:15] <jo0nas> quite: do whatver works for you - and please consider updating the wiki page!