IRC #olimex 2019-12-02

[07:52:20] <leon-anavi> morning
[16:36:57] <fequerver> Hello everyone, does anyone here owns a freedombox? I'm stuck on the tty login page. Can't access the web interface, the routers doesn't give the box an ip
[16:52:43] <jo0nas> fequerver: better ask FreedomBox questions on the network in the #freedombox channel
[16:53:52] <jo0nas> ah, I guess you are already there as nick feq :)
[17:38:40] <fequerver> it was me, thx =]
[17:41:50] <fequerver> j00nas, were u at last debconf?
[17:47:36] <jo0nas> yes
[17:48:21] <jo0nas> ...although I certainly hope it was not the last, only the most recent ;-)
[17:56:40] <fequerver> going to reboot, back soon