IRC #olimex 2019-11-30

[15:47:21] <fequerver> Hello, many disconnects yesterday. in response to :"check the power sourcecheck voltage and polaritynext try to boot with a serrial connection"
[15:47:57] <fequerver> power source checked with multimeter , 5v ok. tried to power with dc jack and usb, both ok
[15:48:36] <fequerver> i think so at least, led lights up with dc. both lights up the eth led in router when cable connected
[15:48:48] <fequerver> no video in any of them
[15:49:17] <fequerver> never tried serial yet, only trough usb-otg, using fel, no success also
[15:54:48] <fequerver> tried with this images:
[15:54:50] <fequerver> Armbian_5.92.2_Olinuxino-a20_Ubuntu_bionic_next_5.2.20_desktop.imga20-lime2_mainline_uboot_sunxi_kernel_3.4.103_jessie_eMMC_rel_16.img
[16:04:26] <jo0nas> fequerver: not sure why it fails for you, but you might want to try an alternative image to see if that helps - e.g. the image I maintain at
[16:18:58] <fequerver> thx jo0nas, i'm downloading the image
[16:21:03] <fequerver> just wondering, whythe instructions say to copy the .img to the sd instead of passing its contents using dd
[16:38:10] <jo0nas> becuase dd is unneeded
[16:39:23] <jo0nas> if "cp" is a knife, then dd is a scalpel - no need to use a scalpel unless you are doing surgery!
[16:40:40] <jo0nas> it is cargo cult to always use dd for images - better use dd only when doing precision work like plucking/placing specific bits
[16:41:41] <jo0nas> fequerver: please do tell if you have success using my images - and if so, then any and all feedback is quite welcome!
[16:44:07] <adjtm_> fequerver, just a guess, but could it be because your board has 16M SPI flash and tries to boot from there instead of the sdcard?
[16:44:30] <adjtm_> I only own a lime2 without spi flash (an older revision that hadn't that option)
[16:53:19] <fequerver> maybe, what should I do?
[16:55:53] <fequerver> gonna try this
[16:56:40] <fequerver> jo0nas, no video, how do I see if it's working ok?
[16:57:10] <fequerver> I'm using a hdmi-vga adapter btw, but its working as i've tried with another sbc
[16:57:55] <fequerver> I've read somewhere that the board does not get ip with dhcp by default, so I should connect to it someway before this, but had no succcess with any methods
[16:58:09] <adjtm_> fequerver, olimex's image works on all lime2 board, you could try it
[16:59:20] <fequerver> can you point me to the link to the right image? I think its the one i've tried
[17:03:07] <fequerver> gonna restart my çlaptop
[17:03:10] <fequerver> w8 a min
[17:09:31] <jo0nas> famous last words... :-)
[17:15:10] <fequerver> back
[17:16:07] <fequerver> I've tried this image:
[17:16:08] <fequerver>
[17:16:10] <fequerver> from
[17:16:22] <fequerver>
[17:17:22] <fequerver> and this image:
[17:17:45] <fequerver> this ->
[17:19:45] <fequerver> trying this methods:
[17:20:20] <fequerver> with Serial over USB-OTG connector I get noi ttyACM0
[17:21:25] <fequerver> I am able to get ttyUSB0
[17:22:30] <fequerver> but don't know how to use it
[17:23:34] <fequerver> what are the steps to ssh over ethernet?
[17:24:30] <jo0nas> fequerver: I think it is wrong to assume that hdmi-to-vga conversion works equally for all boards: HDMI involves a negotiation and settles on what both ends agree they can support
[17:26:28] <jo0nas> fequerver: my image should be reachable with ssh, and the website briefly mentsion how to do that - please tell what kind of help you need for using ssh
[17:26:32] <fequerver> connection dropping when trying to connect to the board over ethernet =p
[17:26:41] <fequerver> ok, i'll try
[17:26:53] <jo0nas> reposting earlier post, in case you missed it...
[17:26:55] <jo0nas> fequerver: I think it is wrong to assume that hdmi-to-vga conversion works equally for all boards: HDMI involves a negotiation and settles on what both ends agree they can support
[17:30:34] <jo0nas> fequerver: to answer your direct question from earlier: the way to "see" if my image is working ok without relying on hdmi output, is to ssh into the box via the ethernet port, as it seems you since figured out yourself as well :-)
[17:32:01] <jo0nas> my image _both_ tries to get an IP address via DHCP _and_ "invents" a local IP address as well, so even in a network without a DHCP server you should be able to reach it
[17:33:06] <jo0nas> the "inventing" an IP address is called zeroconf or rendevouz or link-local
[17:34:17] <jo0nas>
[17:35:14] <fequerver> avahi-browse --terminate _ssh._tcpno response
[17:35:30] <jo0nas> hm
[17:36:17] <jo0nas> how is the wiring? Direct ethernet cable between the two hosts, or via an ethernet switch, or?
[17:37:37] <fequerver> I've tried direct notebook-board and using a router
[17:37:52] <fequerver> with router there's no dhcp lease to the board
[17:38:11] <fequerver> I'm not sure if it's even booting
[17:38:12] <jo0nas> have you tried with a different microSD card?
[17:38:29] <jo0nas> right, I also suspect it might not be booting at all
[17:38:54] <jo0nas> do you happen to have serial debug cable for the LIME2?
[17:39:52] <fequerver> i've tried with 3 different cards
[17:40:05] <fequerver> I'll make a UART cable
[17:40:15] <jo0nas> chacking if a router gave out a DHCP lease is relatively high-level
[17:41:03] <jo0nas> another more low-level check would be to wire directly between the box and your workstation, and monitor on your workstation if there is a link beat shortly after you turn on the box
[17:43:00] <jo0nas> ...but really, when you have tried this many variations, it seems the best next step is to use the serial connection on the LIME2 to check that it is alive at all!
[17:44:24] <jo0nas> dumb question: You are using a conventional 5V power supply, right? Feeding power via USB is unreliable
[17:45:37] <fequerver> 5v 1a jack
[17:45:55] <fequerver> can I try a 5v 2a?
[17:49:07] <jo0nas> 1A should be fine - that's what Olimex is selling for use with that board
[17:58:39] <fequerver> a uart cable should just be a usb with rx tx and gnd on the other end right? found one used for desktop here
[17:59:29] <fequerver> for connecting front usb to the motherboard
[18:02:53] <jo0nas> there's something more to it - as I understand it voltage
[18:03:28] <fequerver> yes on the usb, but there are only three uart pins on the board, tx rx gnd
[18:03:30] <fequerver>
[18:03:43] <fequerver> just improvised one like this
[18:03:47] <jo0nas> yes, only 3 pins
[18:04:41] <fequerver> connecting the vcc should damage the board
[18:27:44] <fequerver> no response from UART
[18:28:22] <fequerver> with usb-otg serial i'm able to get a USBtty but It get no response automatically, if theres something i can do i dont know
[18:35:54] <fequerver> when trying UART i get: unable to enumerate USB device
[18:36:07] <fequerver> I'll try on another computer later
[21:01:51] <fequerver> what should be my next step?
[21:15:18] <fequerver> trying Serial over USB-OTG connector, but cant pass over "Terminal ready" on picocom, no additional message
[21:35:10] <fequerver> and trying sunxi-fel I get timed out
[21:59:00] <fequerver> It's working!!!
[21:59:10] <fequerver> The case was hiding the power button hahaha