IRC #olimex 2019-08-30

[02:37:14] <xcko_> jo0nas: no, I gave up without a better debugging setup and reflashing the keyboard controller with olimex's sources fixed my issues on openbsd. btw here is my email thread getting openbsd on the teres
[07:57:57] <Tsvetan> xcko_ \m/
[07:58:42] <Tsvetan> voldial for multiply SATA and good connectivity I did some research and I found two interesting SOCs
[07:59:54] <Tsvetan> lot of people ask for board which they can hack with two Gigabit LAN and more than one SATA, targeting firewalls, NAS, server apps
[08:00:39] <voldial> :) the hack factor is worth spending more for
[08:01:20] <voldial> I found plenty of closed stuff... solidrun....
[08:02:57] <Tsvetan>
[08:03:07] <Tsvetan> NXP makes interesting stuff
[08:03:17] <Tsvetan> and they have Linux distribution
[08:03:54] <Tsvetan> but the essential part is in blobs and you have to pay for SDK to use it
[08:04:50] <Tsvetan> LS1012A two 1 or 2.5Gb Ethernet ports, PCIe 2.0 SATA 3.0
[08:05:38] <Tsvetan> Marvell and Broadcom also have nice SOCs but again they are not open source friendly
[08:06:27] <voldial> Tsvetan: _woah_ heh.
[08:08:20] <Tsvetan> voldial yes, this is probably what you need :) 32G ram and tons of networking and storage interfaces
[08:09:00] <Tsvetan> but probably will cost $1K to build
[08:09:07] <Tsvetan> as parts only
[08:09:47] <voldial> I'm totally diggin that. gonna skip the priority support option though:)
[08:12:19] <voldial> ya, it's all there. schematics and all. so... if i revise it... can i post it BSD licensed? the word license isnt on the page...
[08:14:55] <voldial> what blobs? firmware?
[08:15:24] <voldial> for the crazy phy's I'm sure
[08:17:22] <Tsvetan> I doubt NXP would mind this they are chip manufacturer and this is public reference design, they would love to see more OSHW designs which to attract people to be aware of their products
[08:43:45] <voldial> comes with verilog code, I'm guessing for simulation?
[14:01:01] <leon-anavi> hi