IRC #olimex 2019-08-12

[09:04:36] <leon-anavi> morning
[11:19:58] <antoine89> Hi. I have A20Lime2-RevK. I changed EEPROM MAC address, but I login into Armbian and I get another. How can I get the macaddress from EEPROM?
[11:43:25] <antoine89> I have just erased all of the contents on bus2, chip 0x50, where the eeprom was stored with i2c-tools. I am sure it was the eeprom content because it had the format described in the Olimex eeprom pdf file and I converted the data to ASCI and it was matching my board. I rebooted but my board information was still available at boot. Where is this data stored?
[11:55:44] <antoine89> I think this issue will be take more effort to solve than I am willing to invest, such as compiling a custom u-boot
[19:57:51] <antoine89> If anyone was wondering, the u-boot mac address was the one that was replacing the one in the EEPROM
[20:02:10] <antoine89> its interesting that the serial number was replaced with the one I had typed, while the MAC address was not. Its probably got something to do with how eeprom encoded MACs is new
[20:10:12] <antoine89> so now I will not need to reinstall U-boot, but could have I installed it from one of these packages?