IRC #olimex 2019-07-07

[05:49:16] <jid> hi. Has anyone managed to run NetBSD on the lime2 board?
[13:38:02] <adjtm> jid, I have seen on the net people running netbsd on lime2
[13:38:47] <adjtm> are you trying to install netbsd?
[15:53:03] <jid> adjtm: yes. I am going out in a bit to buy a cheap sdcard reader to install an arm image to microsd. It seems there is no pkgsrc u-boot for lime2, so I need to find out how to cross-compile it (I think)? Or maybe I could use some archived bin file from somewhere, or FreeBSD's package. I don't know.
[15:55:17] <jid> I'm using the brief installation instructions from here:
[16:23:59] <jo0nas> jid: I recommend using prebuilt U-boot from Debian
[16:24:43] <jo0nas>
[16:24:56] <jid> jo0nas: ok I'll look into it. Thanks for the link.
[16:30:06] <jo0nas> good luck!