IRC #olimex 2019-06-11

[13:27:22] <Juan_> Hello
[13:28:19] <dddddd> Hi!
[13:28:47] <Juan_> could you help me with a order status?
[13:30:12] <tbr> I don't think IRC is a good place for that. Better email them.
[13:30:18] <dddddd> +1 tbr
[13:30:30] <Juan_> thanks
[13:30:32] <dddddd> Olimex staff is not usually here.
[17:40:41] <ted_> hey all
[17:41:53] <ted_> i know its kinda outdated but, can anyone give me any recommendation on finding u-boot configuration file for a13-olinuxino-micro?
[17:49:39] <diego71> look at the config directory in the sources